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Police Surround Secretariat KNPB Sentani, Repel and Remove Paint Wall activists

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Police Surround Secretariat KNPB Sentani, Repel and Remove Paint Wall activists

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                                               Secretariat KNPB in Sentani, Jayapura, Papua (Photo: Ist).

JAYAPURA, --- Again, the secretariat of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) region Sentani, Jayapura regency, Papua, was raided by police on Saturday (24/10/2015) At 14:30 approximately WP.

Chairman KNPB Sentani, Halitopo Allen says, the raid conducted police officers from the Police Jayapura district.

"Members of the police along the Papua Police Mobile Brigade platoon led Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Siagian Sondra, raided the secretariat KNPB Sentani," he told from Sentani.

Explained, the keamanana officers approached the secretariat KNPB Sentani region by using 2 Dalmas car containing members of the armed police, and three cars Provost and 3 Avanza car.

According Halitopo, Jayapura Police Chief and Police ordered dozens of police surrounded the office of the secretariat so that no KNPB activity there.

"After the police chief ordered, its members and the directly Brimob raided the whole house," he explained.

Not only that, Halitopo added, the security forces also remove paint secretariat KNPB Sentani region. Morning Star patterned wall paint was removed and repainted with white paint.

General Secretary of the Central KNPB, Ones Suhuniyap justify it.

According Ones, when penggerebek, KNPB activists who are in direct secretariat expelled.

"This is the umpteenth time to the security forces acted brutally," he said.
The same action performed when dozens of police surrounded the Secretariat KNPB Sentani region, on Tuesday (10/13/2015) then.


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