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1) Yurpinus Kalakmabin Chairman Appointed So KNPB Star Mountains


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1) Yurpinus Kalakmabin Chairman Appointed So KNPB Star Mountains

Folk excitement Star Mountains after the inauguration of the Chairman of the KNPB in Okhika, Thursday (01/10) - Jubi / Ist

Jayapura, Jubi - Governing Body Center West Papua National Committee (BPP-KNPB) officially inaugurated and handed the decree (SK) inauguration of the New Governing Body KNPB Stars in Okhika Pengunugan region. KNPB inauguration Star Mountains region (Pegubin) lively. In the inauguration ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Central KNPB Victor F Yeimo, accompanied by the First Chairman, Agus Kossay.

 The inauguration ceremony took place on Thursday (10.01.2015) at Okikha, Star Mountains. Folk present at the airfield Okhika KNPB pick up the presence of the board at the same center enliven the event with cultural dances. Not to forget the people shouting slogans Papua Merdeka.
Chairman of the Central KNPB, Victor Yeimo when contacted Jubi, Friday (02/10), said in front of hundreds of people and board KNPB this region can earnestly carry out the task in order to end the suffering of the people of Papua.
"I am advised that the people in the region remain committed to the fight and not give room for the occupiers to control the area beautiful and natural," said Victor Yeimo through a mobile phone connection, Friday (02/10).
According Yeimo, to the people of the region Star Pengunugan to stop being a traitor of the nation of Papua and fought with dignity.
KNPB chairman-elect, Yurpinus Kalakmabin said he and his colleagues will continue to struggle in accordance with the Free Papua peaceful path.
"We express gratitude for the trust and invite people to jointly fight for the right of self-determination for the people of Papua," said Yurpinus to Jubi through telephone connection, Friday (10/02/2015). (Abeth You)

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VIDEO NEWS-West Papuans show their gratitude and support to Prime Minister ʻAkilisi Pohiva of Tonga and Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare after both leaders supported West Papua at speeches this week at the United Nations General Assembly.  

Yesterday on 2nd October hundreds of West Papuans gathered in Okikha in the in the Star Mountains region near the Papua New Guinea border to show their gratitude and to welcome Victor Yeimo, the Chairperson of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB). 

KNPB Chairperson Victor Yeimo addressed the crowd and was met with rousing cheers and joy when he told the people of how West Papua was being supported at the United Nations by Tonga and the Solomon Islands. 

All across West Papua our people are watching with great hope and encouragement at the incredible support shown by our fellow Pacific brothers and sisters, including at a UN level by the Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Thank you so much to all these Pacific leaders and people all around the Pacific and the world for your continuing support and solidarity for our people and struggle which we are sure will one day lead us to freedom!


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