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1) Five visits to Papua, Jokowi security has involved 20,000 personnel

1) Five visits to Papua, Jokowi security has involved 20,000 personnel

2) President Joko Widodo visits market in Papua


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1) Five visits to Papua, Jokowi security has involved 20,000 personnel

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Mobil RI 1 used by President Joko Widodo on the way from Sentani Airport to Skouw to inaugurate the RI-PNG Boundary, Tuesday (9/5/2017) - Jubi / Yuliana Lantipo

Five visits to Papua, Jokowi security has involved 20,000 personnel
Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1,

Jayapura, Jubi - Joko Widodo (Jokowi), since he was elected as President of Indonesia in 2014 has five times visited Tanah Papua. Tuesday - Wednesday (9-10 May 2017) this, is the fifth visit of this former Governor of Jakarta.

As a president, certainly the security of his visit is very tight. Each visit Jokowi in Tanah Papua, since he became president, always involves more than a thousand security personnel from the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and Police (Police).

20,228 personnel of TNI and Polri

Jokowi's first visit as president was held on December 27, 2014. This first visit involved 6,200 TNI and Police personnel.

"Papua police prepare 3,000 troops to secure the visit of President Jokowi to Papua next week," said Inspector General of Police Yotje Mende, Police Chief of Papua at that time.

While Head of Information Kodam (Kapendam) XVII / Cendrawasih Colonel Rikas Hidayatullah said, it has prepared about 3200 personnel for the security of the arrival of the president in Papua. Not only that, if needed, there is still one battalion used as a reserve army.

On the second visit of Jokowi, 9-10 May 2015, the combined security forces of TNI and Polri numbered 6,000 personnel.

"Of that number, TNI members will be deployed as many as 3,260 personnel," said XVII Cenderawasih Commander Major General TNI Fransen Siahaan, told reporters in Jayapura.

In addition to these joint personnel, TNI HQ will also support helicopters, aircraft hercules, and warships.

Five helicopters were recorded, including two super puma helicopters, a 400 boeing aircraft and two KRIs namely KRI Sultan Nuku number 373 and KRI Sultan Slamet hull number 352. Four Sukhoi fighter aircraft were also deployed to secure a working visit of President Joko Widodo.

Jokowi's third visit on December 30-31, 2015 was conducted several days after the attack by armed groups in Sinak Police, Puncak, Papua. Jokowi visits Merauke, Wamena, Sorong, and Raja Ampat. It is not known how many security personnel are deployed in Wamena. However, as many as 1,528 personnel were pledged for security in Merauke.

Danrem 174 / Anim TI Waning Berigjen TNI Supartodi as the security responsible for the president's visit ensures that the total personnel are alerted to maintain the security of 1,528 people.

In 2016, Jokowi only visited once to Papua, on 17-18 October. 2,500 personnel were deployed in the security of Jokowi's visit series.

And on the fifth visit, 9-10 May 2017, the security of President Jokowi involving 4,000 TNI and Police personnel.

The total security provided to President Jokowi during his five visits to Papua has involved 20,228 TNI and police personnel.

Security is overstated

Security personnel who always numbered thousands is considered excessive by human rights activists (HAM) who care about Papua, both in Jakarta and Papua.

"Jokowi said in Papua there is no problem. The deployment of 4,000 security personnel indirectly acknowledges that there is indeed a problem in Papua, "said Veronica Koman, a lawyer for the PapuaItuKita Community, Monday, May 8, 2017.

"The impression is very insecure. It's as if Jokowi wants to be attacked by Papuans, "he added.

Veronika cited the Indonesia Political Indicator survey released last week, which Jokowi mentioned is still quite popular and 90 percent of Papuans are satisfied with the performance of the former Governor of Jakarta.

"If the people of Papua are satisfied with the performance of the president, why should security be so great?" Said Veronica questioned.

While Peneas Lokbere, a Papuan human rights activist, assumed that the number of TNI / Polri personnel deployed would only add to the trauma of the Papuan people.

"People are still traumatized by the presence of TNI officers," said Lokbere, United Truth Coordinator (BUK), an organization that organizes victims of human rights violations in Papua.

Jokowi's security does not only involve TNI and Polri

Dandim 1702 Jayawijaya Lieutenant Colonel Lukas Sadipun said security during the visit of President Jokowi in Wamena (Wednesday, 10/5/2017) is not excessive. In addition, not only the TNI and Polri who secured Jokowi's visit. Communities are also involved through indigenous peoples' institutions.

"We guarantee a sense of community comfort. That's it. Security is more soft, and communicative with all parties. TNI / Police cooperation, community support, mass media, indigenous peoples institutions, "explained Lieutenant Colonel Sadipun.

He added that the most important thing is communication

"Approximately 1,000 combined personnel were deployed for security during the president's visit in Jayawijaya," said the man from Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara. (*)

Benny Mawel contributed in writing this article

2) President Joko Widodo visits market in Papua

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo visited and inspected the Mama-mama Market on Percetakan Street, Jayapura City, Papua Province, on Wednesday morning.

Widodo walked to the market from the hotel where he was staying during his visit to the city.

The market, which is about 50 meters from the Aston Jayapura Hotel, was earlier an office and the Damri bus terminal that has now been transformed into a four-storey market.

Following his arrival at the market, Widodo immediately received an update from State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno on the development of the market and then inspected the stalls on the first floor and observed the facilities on the second floor.

Widodo was accompanied by First Lady Iriana, Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar, Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohanna Yembise, and Health Minister Nila Moeloek during his hour-long visit to the market.

After visiting the market, the president and his entourage headed to the Wamena Airport to observe the 47-km-long Wamena-Habema road project aboard four-wheeled vehicles and later motorcycles.(*)

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