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A total of 77 members and managers of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Merauke and two managers of the National Governing Body KNPB police arrested Resort Merauke

A total of 77 members and managers of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Merauke and two managers of the National Governing Body KNPB police arrested Resort Merauke

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After the appointment of a new manager, KNPB Merauke arrested
Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 18:52
Jubi | News Portal Papua No. 1:

The atmosphere of KNPB Merauke / Almaso secretariat when visited by Merauke Resort Police officers who arrested 77 members of KNPB - IST

Jayapura, Jubi - A total of 77 members and managers of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Merauke and two managers of the National Governing Body KNPB police arrested Resort Merauke using one truck and four patrol cars Dalmas, Wednesday (31/05/2017) at around 11 am local time, at the Secretary of KNPB Merauke in sheep Street 4. Rimba Jaya, Merauke.

"The arrest took place at 11 noon in Merauke on the activities in the secretariat. All mass is lifted into a large car Dalmas, four patrol cars, including the Board and the masses who follow the activities of the existing 77 people. Even a 3-year-old children participated brought, "said Mecky Yeimo, the Management Board KNPB Center via telephone connection to the Jubi, Wednesday (05/31/2017).

Mecky that when contact was in Merauke District Police Office said there were five members who are being questioned by police in the Police Investigation Unit. They are Charles Braun was elected as chairman, Emanuel Metemko, Novaris Wopai, Mother Pankresia Yem and Marius Yandum.

Novaris Wopai, general secretary KNPB Merauke region or regions Almaso in his statement to the Jubi said after the interrogation, the police asking questions about the activities they did that morning.

"They ask your name, department, activity started at what time, and fill out their activities just about anything, after that they asked what the purpose of it. I know that this activity within the framework of the strengthening of the management board of the new. They also asked what the vision and mission of KNPB, and I say generally we fight for the right to self-determination through a referendum, "said Novaris via phone connection.

Mecky Yeimo of evidence, police made arrests in the Secretariat at around 11 because KNPB is an organization that is not registered in Kesbangpol. "So (the arrest) is not a matter of consent, because we're done making the appointment, until the closing prayer, they just come," Becky said.

He continued that the security forces have taken too much time to the secretariat to bring the masses to Merauke police.

"They forced participants to undress BK (Morning Star), camshaft-camshaft symbol BK were also seized, they even remove the words are not good (gross) when performing a search of the office. The police mass also pulled a forced entry into the room to be interrogated by detectives Merauke , "said Becky.

The man who first interrogated, he said, are the ones who use the clothes of the Morning Star, while others examined from head to toenails, "noken also all checked and carry-in, HP-hp disita.k

The appointment of the governing body or the Merauke region they call KNPB Almaso region is the internal organization after selecting managers through conference Merauke region.

"It's in the office of its own activities in the sector Sheep, if we did open the outside certainly we give notice. This action is not a rule, too forced, but for us, this is just a test of mental struggle just to KNPB in Merauke, firmly Mecky.

Merauke Police Chief: We are trying to dig out

Bahara AKBP Marpaung, Merauke police chief who had just served a one week AKBP aroused replace Irpan Awaludin, confirmed the arrests to 77 people. But he refused to call the capture.

"Not caught, but we coordinate it first what their purpose gather and formalize the organizational structure which they claimed KNPB in Merauke. So we're still trying to dig out of it. And then we also associate later with evidence and clues what we get, "the statement when contacted by police chief Bahara Marpaung Jubi (31/5) via a telephone connection.

According to him the number of people who "collected" and "directed" is around 72-73 people, and it is a normal procedure. "This is a normal procedure, but later on we will evaluate the results of the interrogation, comes down to it and we associate with existing evidence, we conclude new later," he said.

Regarding the evidence in question, and what violations committed by members of KNPB, police chief could not give evidence because it is still waiting for the remote interrogation and examination.

"It is precisely here that we are looking for evidence that we can make the user if later we like (use) for mempersangkakan one, now the evidence that we get just banner appointment KNPB and prayer time. If the preliminary evidence is sufficient will we fine directing . So this is not enough, is still in the research process, we see the results of his interrogation, "says Bahara Marpaung.

Until news written by some members of the police chief KNPB already they return. "Now we have some return, some still

However, based on the information Jubi obtained from the Governing Body of KNPB, until 18:00 local time, the 77 people have been released.

"But our personal belongings confiscated by the Police apparatus are not returned by them, just hp," Mecky said. (*)


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