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1) Papuan rights highlighted in UN review of Indonesia

1) Papuan rights highlighted in UN review of Indonesia
2) Border issues highlightedi
Jokowi's Approval Rating among Papuans Hit 77 Percent  
3) Once deserted, Skouw border post now a tourist attraction

1) Papuan rights highlighted in UN review of Indonesia
3:53 pm today 

Several countries have highlighted concern about treatment of West Papuans, in a human rights review of Indonesia at the UN in Geneva.
New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Germany and Mexico were among the countries raising concern about human rights in Papua during the 27th session of the UN Universal Period Review.
Indonesia's permanent representative in Geneva, Hasan Kleib (middle) responds to recommendations on human rights in the UN Universal Period Review, 2017.
Indonesia's permanent representative in Geneva, Hasan Kleib (middle) responds to recommendations on human rights in the UN Universal Period Review, 2017. Photo:
The Austrian delegation voiced concern about a "lack of accountability for human rights violations committed by security forces in Papua".
New Zealand recommended that Indonesia "ensure human rights obligations in Papua are upheld, respected and promoted, including freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and the rights of women and minorities."
Australia recommended that Indonesia should "finalise the investigation of all human rights cases in Papua".
Mexico's representative urged Indonesia to "extend an invitation to the special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples to visit Indonesia, including Papua."
While Indonesia was praised for the improvements it has made on human rights in general, the delegations of several countries raised their concerns and recommended that Indonesia should do more.
Indonesia's permanent representative in Geneva, Hasan Kleib said his country was open to input on addressing its human rights challenges and willing to listen to "constructive observation".
"We consider this constructive reminders, comments and even criticism as a platform to scrutinise things that we as a state may have probably missed," he said.
"In this regard Indonesia has solid commitment and political will to make changes for the better."
Indonesia accepted 150 of the 225 overall recommendations it received in its review.
Hasan Kleib said the remainder would be further examined due to four reasons:
"One, further consultation with broader and relevant national stakeholders is needed. Second, an accurate formulation of the recommendations which make them difficult to be translated into policies. Third, it's still out of national policies," he explained.
"And fourth, lack of understanding of the context of the factual situations on the ground. Indonesia has tried to consult with the countries concerned. But apparently, further elaboration is needed."
The country is expected to state its position on the pending recommendations by September, during the 36th session of the Human Rights Council.

MONDAY, 08 MAY, 2017 | 08:52 WIB
Jokowi's Approval Rating among Papuans Hit 77 Percent  
TEMPO.COJakarta - The approval rating of President Joko Widodo alias Jokowi among Papuans hits 77 percent, Jakarta-based pollster Indikator Politik Indonesia researcher Hendro Prasetya said. “The next challenge is to fulfill Jokowi’s [campaign] promises,” Hendro said last week in Jakarta.
A survey conducted by Indikator on March 23 to April 3 involving 710 Papua residents aged 17 and above finds that 13 percent Papuans are satisfied with Jokowi’s performance. Moreover, 76.2 percent say that they will re-elect Jokowi if the election was held now. The figure is above that of Gerindra’s Prabowo Subianto at 5.8 percent and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok at 5 percent. “Jokowi’s current popularity is formidable in Papua,” he said.
Hendro stressed that Papuans are aware of all the issues surrounding the region, such as the progress of the so-called sea toll project, one-price fuel policy, and Freeport contract row. “The programs should be taken seriously. The people are aware of them and expect them to materialize,” Hendro said.
Indikator’s survey also shows that Papuans also highlighted four major issues in the region. Some 17 percent respondents are concerned about fresh water availability, 14 stressed the importance of fixing potholes and lowering staple food prices. Meanwhile, 11 percent respondents see electricity supply as a major problem.
Political analyst with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Syamsuddin Haris said that President Jokowi’s ability to fulfill his campaign promises may shape Papuan’s perception of Indonesia.

3) Once deserted, Skouw border post now a tourist attraction
  • Nethy Darma Somba
    Nethy Darma Somba
    The Jakarta Post

Jayapura | Mon, May 8, 2017 | 02:15 pm

Thousands of residents have flocked to the newly revamped Skouw border post, just outside Jayapura, Papua.
Once only a modest fence separating Indonesia with Papua New Guinea, the border post is now a large building decorated with Papuan art and Indonesia’s national symbol of Garuda.  
Since the reconstruction of the border post was completed in February, the number of residents who visit the post continues to increase.
“If during week days there are only hundreds of visitors, they multiple to thousands during Saturdays and Sundays. Their vehicles pack the road sides,” says Army Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 122 Tombak Sakti chief Lt. Col. Sigit Sugiharto, on Sunday.
Beside Indonesians, Papua New Guineans also visited the border post that also has a market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
The scenery at the border post has dramatically changed since the reconstruction.
“The atmosphere is very different than two years ago. There used to be a fence as high as an adult. Now it’s much higher and grander, but there are also other things that attract people to visit. It’s no longer scary,” said Aronggear, a Jayapura resident who came with his wife and grandchildren.  
People like to take pictures in front of the Garuda statue in front of the building.
The post, which was inaugurated by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on May 9, has also dealt with immigration activities. (wit)
PNG Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye on Saturday visited Batas at the border of Indonesia’s West Papua Province and PNG.
Following briefings with the Customs and Defence officers, Mr Polye added that this trip would help the next government, which he is confident of leading, to draft policies and legislations to address border issues.
Mr Polye was on a three-day road show for his Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party’s candidates for Sandaun province.
“Trade worth more than K3 million takes place at the border without any proper control by authorities. It adds to the tally of total capital outflow,” he said.
The Opposition Leader said both governments needed to encourage businesses to build permanent buildings on each side of the border to sell their items.
The makeshift buildings, he said, must be demolished to make way for the permanent ones.

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