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1) Police officer shot in Lanny Jaya, Papua


3) Press freedom day event criticized for sidelining Papua issue

4) West Papuan pair stabbed by military in Paniai

1) Police officer shot in Lanny Jaya, Papua

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Chief Police Brigadier Awaluddin Elwakhan was shot by an armed civilian in Tiom, Lanny Jaya District, Papua, on Monday.

The police officer was in a kiosk located in Tiom Market when an armed man shot him twice in the back of his head, Senior Commissioner Ahmad Kamal, spokesman of the Papua Provincial Police, noted here, Tuesday.

The unidentified gunman fled towards Yiginoa after shooting the officer, he remarked.

Elwakhan was injured and rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.(*)


They were ‘secured’ when they are going to hold activities. “But its activities without notice to the police,” said AKBP. Gustav Urbinas to Jubi via phone, Monday (May 1).
According to him, since the action will be conducted in the community area and involves many people, the police took the masses to the local Polres to ask about the activities undertaken and its purpose.
“They held an activity in Sekertariat KNPB in BTN Purwodadi,” he said.
The police chief also denied the information obtained by Jubi mentioning that in the police has damaged the Sentani KNPB Secretariat and ransacked the property of KNPB and public around the secretariat.
“Oh, no, no, we only secure materials that are against the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, materials such as KNPB flags, cloths, documents and all that, and personal items have been returned,” he said.
Agus Pahabol, secretary of KNPB Sentani confirmed to Jubi May 1 that their secretariat were being raid and damaged the facilities and repainted the walls of the house. They also seized KNPB’s belongings.
He confirmed 53 people as the first arrest, but he said dozens to 200 other were also taken away and brought to the police station but they were kept at the front of the police station.
Bazoka Logo, spokesman of KNPB Central as quoted from suarapapua.com said that at 07.36 AM, the police came to the Secretariat KNPB Sentani region and forced the masses to disperse.(*)
Reporter              : Arjuna Pedemme
Editor                    : Zely Ariane


3) Press freedom day event criticized for sidelining Papua issue

Marguerite Afra Sapiie The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Tue, May 2, 2017 | 05:50 pm

Human rights activists have invited journalists and participants of the World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) conference in Jakarta to attend a side event highlighting the lack of press freedom in restive Papua, which is not discussed in the four-day conference.
The WPFD event, held at the Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan from May 1 to May 4, is sponsored by the Indonesian government, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Indonesian Press Council (PWI).
“Human rights abuses in Papua are related to press restrictions [in Papua]. We are trying to raise awareness [about press freedom in Papua] by inviting journalists and participants of World Press Freedom Day to the side event,” Veronica Koman, a human rights lawyer and organizer of the side event, told the Jakarta Post on Tuesday.
The side event, which Veronica said was being held as a criticism against the conference, will be held on Tuesday night at Century Park Hotel, also in Senayan.
Senior Papuan journalist Victor Mambor, Amnesty International Indonesia director Usman Hamid and David Robie of New-Zealand based organization Pacific Media Watch are listed as speakers in the event held by human rights groups.
Press Council chairman Yosep "Stanley" Adi Prasetyo confirmed that the Papua issue was not included in the WPFD meeting, calling it "domestic affair." "This is an international forum. What we are discussing are the relations between Indonesian and international issues," he said. (mrc/ary)
4) West Papuan pair stabbed by military in Paniai
5:57 am today 

Two West Papuans were stabbed by military personnel in Paniai regency of Indonesia's Papua province.
Police in Papua confirmed that the incident arose from a melee at a general store, or kiosk, in Paniai’s capital Madi.
According to witness statements, a fight broke out when a man tried to rob the store.
Indonesian military personnel quickly arrived on the scene and brought the clash to a halt by stabbing two young men.
Police say the two men, aged 31 and 18, were taken to Paniai's main hospital where they are in a serious but stable condition.
Meanwhile, Indonesian police reportedly arrested 200 Papuans in Sentani for participation in a public demonstration.
Suara Papua reports that of the dozens who remain in custody, 26 Papuans are understood to have been tortured.
They had been part of a demonstration reportedly mobilised by the West Papua National Committee to protest over a significant date in Papua's history.
On 1 May 1963, the United Nations gave temporary administration of West Papua to Indonesia.


Jayapura, Jubi – Two days before  World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) 2017 in Jakarta, violence and intimidation again experienced by journalists in Papua.
“Three TV journalists are being harassed, threatened, their cameras were deprived and the photographs to be removed in an election criminal violation trial by General Election Commission of Tolikara at Wamena District Court Office, Jayawijaya, Papua, last Friday (April 28)” said Riyanto Nay, Association of Indonesian Television Journalists (IJTI) Papua through their release aired on Saturday (April 29) morning.
Described by Riyanto, this threat began when three journalists respectively, Ricardo Hutahaen (Metro TV), Audi (Jaya TV) and Mesak (TVRI), done their coverage of the trial. Initially, when the three journalists entered the third courtroom, they were banned to take pictures by the presiding judge who led the trial.

The judge had asked the origin of the three television journalists. After all three gave their identity, they were allowed taking pictures freely without disturbing the trial.
“The mob sitting in the room had forbidden the three journalists to take pictures but the presiding judge defended them,” said Riyanto.
When the trial resumed after being suspended, the three journalists sat down to interview the court. But suddenly 20 people came to them.
“They threatened to kill the three journalists if they did not remove the pictures they had taken, and even Ricardo cameras were taken away and (and the photographs) were forcibly removed, they also dismissed the three journalists from the courtroom that journalists had to secure themselves out of the Wamena District Court,” Riyanto said.
The three journalists, officially reported the threat against journalistic work to Wamena Mapolres, Saturday morning.
Separately, IJTI Chairman Yadi Hendrayana, in a written statement sent Saturday, said the IJTI and the Anti-Violence Task Force of the Press Council will advocate and investigate the actions taken by a number of individuals to the TV journalist in Wamena, Papua, while covering the trial of election violation of Tolikara Regency Election Commission.
Yadi firmly asks for police to be more serious and to take firm action against anyone, civil or non-civilian, who has threatened and perpetrated violence against journalists.
Early 2017, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) of Jayapura City released a report of violence against journalists throughout 2016. At least 10 cases of violence against journalists in Papua during 2016. These cases include beatings, destruction of facilities for coverage, reporting to the authorities against coverage content, and expulsion of journalists who want to confirm a particular issue to the resource person.
“The removal of photos and videos is related to the coverage of sensitive issues such as the Papuan independence movement,” said Coordinator of the AJI Advocacy Division of Jayapura, Fabio Maria Lopes Costa in his press release early in 2017.
The cases occurred in Timika, Wamena, Jayapura City, Nabire, Dogiyai, Manokwari, and Sorong.
Three cases were in Jayapura City, two cases in Wamena, and the rest each in other five areas.
Among the 10 cases, seven cases are freedom of the press that related to the security apparatus, two cases with security forces, and one case with DPRD members.
“In conclusion, violation of press freedom in Papua is apparently conducted by parties who are members of the three pillars of democracy, namely the executive, judicial, and legislative,” added Fabio.(*)
Reporter              : David Sobolim
Editor                    : Zely Ariane

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