Wednesday, May 31, 2017

1) Mimika Police Arrest Rally Coordinator over Threats to Indonesia

4) Manokwari Airport Closed after Sriwijaya Airplane SkidsOff Runway

WEDNESDAY, 31 MAY, 2017 | 11:38 WIB
1) Mimika Police Arrest Rally Coordinator over Threats to Indonesia

TEMPO.COTimika - Mimika Police in Papua have arrested a coordinator of a petition declaration and communal prayer held at the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) secretariat office after perceived threats to the unity of the Republic of Indonesia.
Mimika Police chief said that the KNPB activists had been warned against giving speeches and spreading propaganda that contravenes the national ideology but they ignored it.
“Since our warning has been ignored, we have taken harsh action by stopping their activity and confiscate various attributes and search the offices they had used to hold a wide range of actions,” Victor explained.
Victor added that the police will not allow rallies that could undermine the national unity.
Aside from arresting the coordinator, police also seized the Morning Star flag, banners and flyers, musical instruments and military outfits.
Shortly after the arrest, the KNPB and the Mimika People’s Regional Parliament (PRD) officials visited the Mimika Police station in Timika.
The Timika PRD deputy chairman Sem Asso denied that the rally featured political speech.
“There was no speech, only an announcement. Information was conveyed on a petition for international support,” Sem Asso said.


Jakarta, Jubi – A bribery case involving the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) and the Village Ministry, the Development of Underdeveloped Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) in the pursuit of an unqualified opinion (WTP) in the ministry’s financial report, undermines public confidence in purity to obtain Predicate from BPK.
The allegations also came from Mimika community leaders who had been the Acting Regent of Mappi and Mimika, Athanasius Allo Rafra, who suspected BPK’s decision in giving the WTP opinion to the provincial and district government’s financial reports.
Allo Rafra said it has become a public secret that regency government (Pemkab) and city government (Pemko) in Papua is difficult to make accountability report of local financial management for various reasons.
People feel there are many problems with the management of government projects or programs implementation which receive enormous budget allocations.
If in the end, BPK came with the decision of giving WTP, of course this is questionable. “What is up,” he said.
If there are briberies in Jakarta in the case of giving opinion for WTP by BPK to the financial management report from the PDTT Ministry of Village, it is probable that the practice is similar in the (Papua) regions. Moreover, Papua, said former Head of Bureau of Governance of Papua Province who had served as Chairman of Commission A of DPRD Mimika, is quite difficult in conducting supervision because it was hit with geographical, characteristic and other constraints.
Allo Rafra accused BPK for only focus on administrative completeness in the local government financial management report without accompanying physical examination in the field.
KPK findings
WTP or “unqualified opinion” is the highest predicate in BPK’s opinion on the financial statements of each agency. Under the WTP there are WTP with explanatory paragraphs (WTP-DPP), fair with exception (WDP) or “qualified opinion”, unfair opinion or “adverse opinion”, and also no disclaimer.
Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Agus Rahardjo on Saturday (May 27) explained the results of the previous day’s hand-held operation of a number of BPK and Kemendes PDTT officials that allegedly given bribery by Inspector General Kemendes PDTT Sugito to Major BPK Auditor Rochmadi Saptogiri to change WDP status becomes WTP.
In Rochmadi’s working room was also found money Rp1, 145 billion and 3,000 US dollars that have not been known in connection with any case.
The KPK, meanwhile set up four suspects consisting of two bribers namely Sugito and Jarot Budi Prabowo, and two recipients of bribes namely Rochmadi Saptogiri who is the echelon I official in BPK and BPK Ali Sadli.
Suspicion of the bribery behind the giving of the WTP opinion by the BPK to a number of local governments in Papua is increasingly prominent due to the recognition of people who have been audited by BPK auditors that they are meeting outside Papua such as in Bali, Semarang and Jakarta.
Allo Rafra claimed to have heard such information. Later upon completion of the examination of a group of local work units (SKPD), the examined person meets with the examiner at a certain place outside Papua.(*)
Source: Antara
Editor: Zely Ariane


Merauke, Jubi – People in Muting Village, Muting District, Merauke Regency-Papua expressed their disappointment because of land clearing for oil palm plantation, which is not consulted with local people as the owners of communal land rights.
This was revealed by the Head of Muting Village, Roberthus Mahuze to Jubi, Monday (May 29). It said, when their first entry the company promised to hire customary owners once it is operating. But in reality only a few people are employed.
“Frankly, we are very disappointed with companies that promise to hire indigenous people. We can count by our fingers of how many people work there, “said Mahuze without mentioning the name of the company.
According to him, the company should not deny the agreement that has been made when the company plans to open the land for the development of oil palm.
Asked for payment of compensation, Mahuze admitted there was no real compensation, only what it’s called “a concern” payment. It is in accordance to the company’s agreement with customary rights owners.
It is expected that in the future the company will not ‘turn a blind eye’ to indigenous Papuans in Muting. Since they are the owners of customary rights and are obliged to be given the opportunity to work.
Another resident, Yulius Gebze said similar thing. “Yes, there is lack of good attention from the company to the owners of customary rights. So there is a sense of dissatisfaction,” he said.
“It is true that since the company entered for the first time, there has been an agreement for the customary rights owner to be involved. But during their operation only a few people are accepted. While others left behind,” he said.(*)


WEDNESDAY, 31 MAY, 2017 | 12:56 WIB
4) Manokwari Airport Closed after Sriwijaya Airplane SkidsOff Runway

TEMPO.COJakarta - Manokwari Rendani Airport in Papua is temporarily closed until 9 pm UTC (6 pm local time) after a Boeing B737-300 belonging to private carrier Sriwijaya Air skids off and blocked the runway.
“The airport is temporarily closed to give a chance to officers and the National Transportation Safety Committee [KNKT] team to remove the plane to a safer place that will not disturb flights. We have issued the NOTAM pertaining to the issue,” the Transportation Ministry official Pramintohadi Sukarno said Wednesday.
Airport authorities and relevant parties are currently removing the aircraft and the Directorate of Airworthiness and Airplane Operations is probe the case, Pramintohadi said. The KNKT team will also investigate the causes of the incident.
At 00:10 am UTC (9:10 pm local time), a Boeing B737-300 belonging to Sriwijaya Air skids off the runway of Rendani Airport as rain lashes the region.
The aircraft carried 146 passengers.

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