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1) ”The pain” Jayapura City: Crime, murder, arrest, sweeping and target operation

2) Thousands of Freeport Indonesia workers to strike for second month: union

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1) ”The pain” Jayapura City: Crime, murder, arrest, sweeping and target operation

Jubi | News Portal Tanah Papua No. 1,


Jayapura, Jubi - Since March 30, 2017, a number of violence occurred in Jayapura City. Five people have died from these acts of violence. Police have not been able to stop this series of violent acts so that raises a variety of rumors in the community Jayapura City. Starting from the elections, the transfer of Papua Merdeka issues to conflicts of interest within the internal police institution itself.

On April 30, 2017, a man named Andre Marweri was found dead in a miserable condition at Buper Waena Square, Heram District. The victim suffered a stab wound in the back to the neck to death. 
Thursday, May 11, 2017 in the morning, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Cenderawasih named Dr. Suwandi was intercepted by two strangers when they were about to return home to Buper Waena Street. The perpetrator attacked the victim with a machete to death. 
Saturday, May 13, 2017, a woman named Fitri Diana (22) died after being intercepted by three unidentified people near Kampar Netar East Sentani District. The victim at that time was going to Sentani with a colleague who was also a member of Brigpol police Paul Tomatala. 
On the same day 11 teenagers and children were intercepted by unidentified people in the vicinity of Mount Ottow Geisler Bisoka 2 Complex, Munawir Street, Kotaraja Dalam Kelurahan Vim District Abepura, Jayapura City. The offender uses a mask.

This series of violent acts continued until Friday (05/19/2017) after the discovery of the body of a woman who later known as the seller know tek in front of Dian Harapan Hospital at 05:15 am WIT. The bodies of the 45-year-old woman were found in a ditch right in front of the Waena steam power plant. The victim who is a resident of Perumnas II Dalam, Gang Matoa is suspected of being killed for murder.

Police arrest and execution

Friday (5/19/2017) afternoon, the community around Perumnas III Waena, precisely in front of the depot cutting sawmill (sawmill), surprised by the sweeping done Police Resort (Polres) Jayapura. Around more than twenty officers dressed as both officers and thugs rounded up eight people in front of the sawmill.

Residents around sawmill suspect the arrest and sweeping in front of sawmill is related to the body of women found in front of the Waena steam power plant. But the police denied the allegations. According to the Regional Police (Polda) of Papua stated until now still steeped and identified some people who were arrested when the team Jayapura Town Police conduct sweeping in the region Perumnas III, Waena, Friday (5/19/2017) evening and Saturday (05/20/2017 ) Afternoon.

Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal said the arrest was made by the Jayapura Police team.

"It's still in the same Kapolresta, I'm headed to the Police from Keerom, because there's an activity in Keerom, it's still in hand, this is the handling at City Police," Kombes (Pol) A.M. Kamal told Jubi on Saturday afternoon.

Jayapura City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Officer Tober Sirait, who led the sweeping team, said that one in eight people arrested for MI was forced to be shot for fighting when one of the others managed to escape by jumping into the abyss. According to him, the eight people who were arrested were allegedly the masterminds of a number of cases of violence that occurred in the jurisdiction of Police Jayapura City, Polres Jayapura and Pores Keerom.

"They are secured in Mapolres Jayapura Kota and are being investigated by the investigators, especially the MI who was paralyzed in the arrest, still handled by the medical team at Bhayangkara Jayapura Hospital," said AKBP. Tober Sirait.

He said investigators are still conducting checks to ensure linkages in a number of cases. Did not rule out they are perpetrators of violence that occurred in three jurisdictions namely Police Jayapura City, Keerom Police and Jayapura Resort Police.

Separately, a resident around sawmill said the sweeping was not only done by the police. Also participating TNI members in the sweep.

"There are members of the TNI who took part in the sweeping and capture, We at times next to the sound of gunfire. Then we went to sawmill to see the incident, "said citizen of this Perumas III.

According to these residents, some people are indeed arrested right in front of sawmills. However, several others were arrested in the sweep around Perumnas III.

Action reply tipped stabbing

The bodies found in front of the Waena power plant provoked the anger of some community groups in Jayapura City who were mentioned to be from the same area as the victims. The anger of some of these people is manifested by a stunt in front of Dian Harapan Hospital on Friday night. About two hundred people stood forming a crowd of people on the street and yelling at certain groups of people. The group accused the group of people who were shouted as perpetrators of violence in Jayapura City and the perpetrators of the murder of victims whose corpses were found in front of the Waena power plant.

As the group is shouting out their anger, two other citizens who use motorcycles from the Mimika student boarding direction cross the street. Both of them broke through police who were waking around the crowd. After approaching the crowd both of them were visited by several people, immediately beaten and stabbed.

"One immediately fell off the motor. He was constantly beaten. While the other is still safe. They were beaten right in front of a shop across from the Hospital (Dian Harapan), "said an eyewitness who witnessed the beatings and stabbings.

This witness claimed to stand around the motor workshop not far from the stabbing location.

From Jubi's search, these two stabbings were two sisters from Puncak regency. The younger brother, Yuvenus Kulua can be saved. While his older brother, Pius Kulua died on the spot after being stabbed and hacked by several people from the crowd. The siblings are known to live next to Perumnas III.

Violent cycle and target operation

Violence and murder committed by the people to sweeping and arresting by the security apparatus seemed to be a cycle in Jayapura City since They Eluay's murder in 2001.

Before Theys Eluay was murdered in 2001, a number of violent acts occurred. The issue of masked people makes the people of Jayapura City restless and afraid to leave the house, especially at night. The same thing happened before Mako Tabuni's murder. A series of violent acts occurred from Base G to Sentani. Several shootings occurred several times, even in front of the Papua Police Office. The victims were not only non-Papuans, some indigenous Papuans and foreigners were victimized during the ongoing violence.

This experience seems to confirm that the violent cycle that occurred in Jayapura City will be ended by an operation targeting Papuan independence figures.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission I of Law and Human Rights, Laurens Kadepa view based on experience since the murder of Theys Eluay, this series of violence will raise the alleged target of security forces operations on the figure of a certain native Oranf Papua.

"Based on past experience, then the alleged existence of certain targets can be understood," said Kadepa.

According to him, the executive is led by the governor and deputy governor, legislative body, the leadership of TNI / Polri and church leaders (PGGP) should immediately sit together so as not to appear certain allegations that increasingly troubling the community.

"We see the current condition of Jayapura even all of Papua in general is not conducive. People are confused with the task of the government and the people's security just need one that is want to live safely. The obligations of the government and the security forces to realize it! "Explained Kadepa.

Similarly, Anum Siregar, Director of the Alliance for Democracy for Papua (AlDP), also said the same thing. The recent series of violence reminds him of a series of terror before Theys Eluai's murder and violence during the middle of 2012 following Mako Tabuni's assassination.

"There are several possibilities. For example a target against a particular character. So this event is not yet 'mature'. This could be related to ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) issue ahead of the Melanesia Spearhead Groups (MSG) Summit in Port Moresby later. Can also be related to local politics pilgub contestation. So there are those who play the issue of horizontal conflict and the handling of kamtibmas by the police officers who seem paralyzed, "said Anum.

Anum continued, after the Papua II Congress, PDP members were arrested, legal proceedings were conducted (by police) but the PDP continued to move. The government remains overwhelmed even though it has tried to stop it legally. Then Theys was murdered by way of extra judicial killing because the government was legally aware can not be stopped.

"Through the 'other hand' of the government, there are certain targets of people who are perceived as political figures who are against the government. Now it is not impossible that such a scenario will happen again, "Anum said.

Anum hopes the police officers can reveal all these violent acts correctly and at the right time.

The police themselves promised to promise to clarify one by one the incidents of violence that occurred and sweeping and arrest made,

"The arrest last night, there were gunshot wounds, as well as the discovery of corpses in Yellow Bamboo, Polimak, South Jayapura District, Jayapura City and the incident in front of SMA Teruna Bhakti Waena last night. All these cases will be clarified, "said Kombes (Pol) Kamal, Saturday (05/20/2017).

According to him, a series of cases from Friday (19/05/2017) to Saturday (05/20/2017) will be clarified one by one later after the deepening, including sweeping in resulting in gunshot wounds.

But for the case of the discovery of bodies in Polimak, Saturday (05/20/2017) he said, the information obtained by the police, victims suffering from epilepsy.

"But the intensive examination is still done, the information from the victim's colleagues, right, he has a chicken disease, I want to clarify all, so I want to go to Polresta Jayapura City, coordinate with Kapolresta, some cases since yesterday until last night there were arrested, Intercepted and beaten with sharp objects, will be clarified first let me not confusing, people can know sit down problem and not become issue of SARA, "said Kombes (Pol) Kamal. (*)

Arjuna Pademme, Abeth You and Simon Daisio contributed in the writing of this article
REUTERS Sat May 20, 2017 | 8:16am EDT
2) Thousands of Freeport Indonesia workers to strike for second month: union
By Agustinus Beo Da Costa and Samuel Wanda | JAKARTA/TIMIKA, INDONESIA
An estimated 9,000 workers at the giant Grasberg copper mine operated by the Indonesian unit of Freeport McMoRan Inc will extend a strike for a second month, a union official said on Saturday, in an ongoing dispute over employment terms and layoffs.
Freeport is at loggerheads with Indonesia over rights to the Grasberg mine in Papua in a dispute that has cost both sides hundreds of millions of dollars, and tensions with workers threaten to disrupt the mine's operations further.
Freeport resumed copper concentrate export shipments from Grasberg late last month after a 15-week outage stemming from the dispute with government and had planned to ramp up production after it was cut by around two-thirds during the outage.
As of mid-April Freeport had "demobilized" around 10 percent of its Indonesian workforce of 32,000 among efforts to cut costs resulting from the dispute. The company has repeatedly warned workers that striking will result in disciplinary action.
The union has demanded an end to Freeport's furlough policy and began a 30-day strike on May 1 in an effort to get workers' jobs back.
"We will extend the strike for 30 more days," Freeport Indonesia union industrial relations officer Tri Puspital told Reuters on Saturday, referring to a government recommendation for a resolution of the matter.
"We regret the stance of the businessmen who unilaterally laid off workers," Puspital said. "It is a kind of discrimination in terms of disciplinary action."
According to Puspital, output from Grasberg has been reduced by half as result of the strike, but he stopped short of providing further detail.
In a Freeport inter-office memo titled "Making the Right Choice for Your Family and You" obtained by Reuters, the company said the strike was illegal and that "voluntary resignation is the consequence" for workers that ignored demands to return to work and were absent for five consecutive days.

"Already, 840 workers have suffered this consequence and others will follow if they do not immediately contact the company," the memo dated May 15 said. A U.S.-based spokesman for Freeport referred to a recent statement in response to Reuters questions on the strike and its impact on operations.
Worker absenteeism since mid April "has unfavorably impacted mining and milling rates," it said, noting that the company "is working with union leaders, with the support of Indonesian government officials, to encourage a safe and efficient return to normal operations for the benefit of all stakeholders."
"Freeport Indonesia plans to ramp up its production to full rates during second-quarter 2017," it said.
(Additional reporting by Susan Taylor in TORONTO; Writing by Fergus Jensen, editing by Louise Heavens)

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