Sunday, September 2, 2018

1) Indonesia, PNG relations getting stronger: FM

2) Mahuze clan seals location of palm oil factory in Muting, Merauke
3) fire guts oil vessel in biak port
1) Indonesia, PNG relations getting stronger: FM

Jakarta  (ANTARA News) - Relationships and cooperation between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) are getting stronger, PNG Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato said.

In improving relations and enhancing cooperation, the two neighboring countries have signed various memorandums of understanding in which they have committed themselves to always enhance their bilateral cooperation, Minister Pato said in a statement made available by the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby to Antara on Sunday.

Pato further said Indonesia, which has been independent for 73 years, is a large sovereign country with world-recognized economic power.

"As neighboring countries which share common borders, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea prioritize the principles of mutual respect," he said.

He praised Indonesia for its support to PNG which will host the Asia Pacific Economic Leaders Summit (APEC Summit) in Port Moresby on November 17-18, 2018.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to PNG Ronald Manik, said the two countries have focused their relations and cooperation on the management of border areas.

In addition, they also focused their cooperation on developing the economic and trade sectors and other fields which benefit the people of both countries.

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2) Mahuze clan seals location of palm oil factory in Muting, Merauke

A resident is tying a mark in the land prepared for the construction of a palm oil plant by PT BIA. – Jubi / Frans L Kobun
Merauke, Jubi – Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) support the local people to ban the construction of a palm oil factory by PT Bia Indo Agrindo in Muting, Merauke. MRP representative John Wob came to the scene in Muting on Monday (08/27/2018) to support the Mahuze clan and the local people. His participation was to respond the letter of complaint signed by Yohanes Jefri Mahuze, the Mahuze clan member.
“Referring to that letter, I was assigned to go to Muting sub-district before people carried out the protest,” he said by phone on Tuesday (08/28/2018).
He continued that based on the Declaration 2016, MRP obliges to save people and the land of Papua. Wob then joined the local people in some traditional rituals before they sealed the location of oil palm factory.
The location of oil palm factory was initially the sago forest where located in the upstream of the Kouw River. “How could it be? It is the drinking water source for the local community as well as the source of their food. Once the factory is constructed and ready to operate, its waste will discharge through the river. So the water will be polluted,” he said.
At the moment the location has been cleared out, and the installation of poles is underway. However, the community had a quick act by sealing and pushing the company to stop this activity.
Wob further said MRP would follow up the people’s actions. He said God created the Mahuze clan accompanying with the sago totem. Other Marind family clans such as Kaize or Basik-Basik also own totems as their symbol. Totems are the symbols of the kindness of God.
“What is the totem for palm oil? There is no palm oil totem for the land and people of Papua. Thus, we should eliminate those who have not connected with the nature and the people of Papua from this land,” he said.
Moreover, he said he would report some findings during his field visit to the chairman to facilitate the plenary meeting at MRP. At the same time, MRP would urge the local government of Merauke as well as the provincial and central governments to stop all projects that harm the people and land of Papua.
“For instance, palm oil plantation. It has no connection with Papuans. We will ask the government to close the oil palm plantations, including one in Muting that initiated by PT BIA,” he said.
Furthermore, he claimed that the clearing of land activity for oil palm plantations in Muting has reached thousands of hectares and killed many native habitats including sago forests. This activity has never taken the indigenous customary law into account, whereas it occurred in a structured, systematic and massive manner. “These people just never understand that the land and whatever live on it is belong to the clan, not the state,” he said.
On that occasion, John Wob also regretted that the company officials were not willing to have a dialogue with the customary people on the scene. They only sent their public relation representative to talk to the local people.
Meanwhile, PT BIA staff in Merauke Lili, who asked for his comments, was reluctant to speak because he did not know exactly the real problem. “I cannot give comments to journalists, because I don’t know what occurred in Muting,” he said. (*)
Reporter: Frans L Kobun
Editor: Pipit Maizier


3) fire guts oil vessel in biak port


Biak, W. Papua, Sept 1 (ANTARA News) - A motorized sailboat loaded with fuel oil was gutted by fire at Biak Harbor on Saturday at 17:25 Eastern Indonesia Time (WIT).

Until 18:10 WIT, attempts were still being made by the fire department, the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), the Regional Disaster Management Agency, and Biak Police personnel to extinguish the fire on the burning motorboat.

Losses and casualties are still unknown since until the release of this report, the relevant agencies were still attempting to put out the fire that gutted the vessel.

Several drums loaded with fuel oil were drawn to the middle of the sea of the Biak waters.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, as officers were still engaged in extinguishing the fire.

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