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Papua Regional Police: Arrest of KNPB Activists Results of Development of Ammunition Findings

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Papua Regional Police: Arrest of KNPB Activists Results of Development of Ammunition Findings

Papua Police Public Relations Head, Kombes Pol A.M. Kamal when showing a photo of the evidence that was mentioned was secured from the KNPB secretariat in the Mimika region - Photo: Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police.

Jayapura - Papua Regional Police (Polda) stated, the search for the secretariat and the arrest of several activists of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in the Mimika region by a joint police and military team on Saturday (9/15/2018) morning, was the result of the development of RW, youth 20 years, which was secured at Moses Kilang Mimika Airport some time ago because of carrying 153 rounds of ammunition. 

Papua Police Public Relations Head, Kombes Pol A.M. Kamal, in his press release to reporters, said that two of the eight people secured, namely PN and YE, were forced to be paralyzed with rubber bullets on the thighs and calves, because they were claimed to want to attack security forces.

 "Both have received medical treatment," said Kombes Pol A.M. Kamal, Saturday (09/15/2018). According to him, in addition to securing eight people, the security forces also secured a number of evidence in the search, including revolver-type weapons, 104 5.56 caliber ammunition, 11 revolver ammunition, one AK47 ammunition, seven Molotov cocktails, the Bintang flag. Kejora, independent Papuan documents, cellphones, laptops, spears and arrows. 

Up to now, eight people suspected of having documents, ammunition and the Morning Star flag were secured at the Mimika Police Headquarters for further investigation. 

"The origin of the ammunition found was unknown because eight people who were secured were still under investigation," he said. He said besides PN and YW, the other six people who were secured were TG, HW, EH, NA, JK, HE. 

The security forces are also still pursuing two others whose identities are known. "Both are related to the possession of ammunition and the Morning Star flag, as well as evidence that was secured during a search, but when these two names were not in the location," he said. 

While the Secretary General of the Central KNPB, Ones Nesta Suhuniap told Jubi said that a jointly armed armed force came to the KNPB Secretariat of the Mimika region at around 05:30 Papuan time (WP). "At 6:00 a.m. WP. 

The police fired six times and caused the community to fear going out of the house. 

People were afraid and traumatized, the conditions in Kebun Sirih Timika were uncomfortable," said Ones Nesta Suhuniap. (See this: Free Papua Office in Timika Ambushed, 1 People Shot by Police and 7 Arrested) He said, two KNPB Timika members were shot during a search brought by a joint officer to the local emergency room (IGD). "From our observations, the two KNPB members were wounded by bullet fire. "Since morning at 7:35 p.m. until now, the EDD area has been filled with police, Brimob, TNI Military Police (POM) and Kopassus," he said. (*)

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