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1) Migration is a factor of increasing poverty in Papua

2) Authorities Arrest 8, Seize Hundreds of Ammunition in Papua
1) Migration is a factor of increasing poverty in Papua
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Indigenous Papuans. – Jubi / Doc
Jayapura, Jubi –Septer Manufandu, the former Executive Secretary of Non-Governmental Organization Working Forum of Papua (FOKER LSM Papua), stated stakeholders in Papua need to the right solution to strict the flow of migration into Papua.
So far, he said that Papua is an open region and anyone is free to come to Papua without strict control. Therefore he urges the authority to establish a proper mechanism to control the migration, but respect everyone’s right at the same time.

“In the Special Regulation about Population, it does not prohibit people outside of Papua to enter Papua, but rather to control it. So migrants must have a clear purpose coming to Papua,” Manufandu told Jubi on Friday (9/9/2018).
Meanwhile, a Papua Parliament Member Mustakim said a factor that causes the increase in the percentage of poverty in Papua is the rapid influx of migrants.
“No matter how hard the government tried to reduce the poverty rate in Papua, it becomes difficult to work as people from the outside continue to come,” said Mustakim.
Furthermore, he said a proper solution to regulate the influx of population in Papua is the government should stipulate the provincial regulation (Perdasi) or special regional regulation (Perdasus) on migration. (*)
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2) Authorities Arrest 8, Seize Hundreds of Ammunition in Papua
TEMPO.COJakarta- Joint officers from the Police and Indonesian Army (TNI) arrested eight people and seized hundreds of ammunition, a homemade firearm, and a number of documents at a residence in Mimika, Papua, on Saturday.
Head of Papua Police's Public Relations, Sr. Comr. AM Kamal in Jayapura City said the arrest was part of the development of a case investigation for the arrest of someone with the initials RW on Monday, September 10. RW was arrested after being caught carrying 153 ammunitions at Moses Kilangin Airport.
“After [we] received information, officers in the field that were assisted by TNI officers immediately conducted a search at the headquarters of the West Papua National 

Committee or KNPB in the Timika region, and they found a number of evidence and eight people,” he said.
Kamal said that the evidence includes 5.56 caliber ammunition of 104 bullets, 11 revolver ammunition, one 7.62 bullet ammunition, 7 Molotov cocktails, and a sheet of Morning Star flag.

“There are also a number of documents, cell phones, hard drives, machetes, bows, arrows, axes, and spears. The initials of eight people suspected of being KNPB activists were TG, HW, HE, PN, EH, NA, JK, and YW,” he said. They had been secured to the Mimika Police, Papua, headquarters for further legal proceedings.

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