Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Free Papua Office in Timika was ambushed, 1 person was shot by police and 7 arrested

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The Free Papua Office in Timika was ambushed, 1 person was shot by police and 7 arrested
KNPB, PRD 9/15/2018 11:41:00 am

The Indonesian National Army (TNI) when conducting a raid on the Free Papua office in Timika, Papua (15/09/2019). 

Timika, WANI Tabloid - The brutal actions of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the Indonesian colonial army (TNI) in Indonesia took place again. Colonial Indonesia carried out the action against the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Timika West Papua, by ambushing the Free Papua office, on Saturday (15/09/2018) around 6:15 AM in the morning, on the old Freeport Road, betel garden dam. According to a report compiled by, this brutal action by the Indonesian police and colonial army was led directly by the Mimika police chief, AKBP Agung Marlianto and his deputy Alex Korwa, and accompanied directly by the Indonesian military from the Indonesian National Army (TNI). The raids were carried out using a number of war equipment by deploying around 500 full personnel personnel.

TNI-Polri in action using around 100 Avanza cars, Sabhara cars, LWB type cars from PT. Freeport and Dalmas cars owned by the police. 

In the action, the police shot 1 KNPB member on behalf of Jack Yakonias Womsiwor (39) and 7 others were directly arrested. 

The following are the names of KNPB members who were arrested;

1. Jack Yakonias Womsiwor (39 thn) (dapat tembak dibagian kaki) 

2. Nus Asso (46 thn) 

3. Titus Yelemaken (46 thn) 

4. Pais Nasia (24 thn) 

5. Vincen Gobay (20 thn) 

6. HerickMandobar (20 thn) 

7. Urbanus Kossay (18 thn)

The Free Papua Office, which is the KNPB secretariat and the Timika Regional People's Parliament (PRD), was destroyed and a number of money and facilities in the office were confiscated.

Items that have been confiscated as follows;

Cash Rp. 15,000,000 (more than 15 million),

2 mobile phones,

A number of clothes belonging to KNPB members,

1 speaker, 1 leptop,

2 PCs (computer sitting),

1 printer

and a number of KNPB organization flags and several other items seized were unknown.

  The police and the colonial army acted brutally to destroy all admittance falsity in the office.

Indonesian colonial action happened suddenly.


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