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1) Freeport makes great contribution to Papua: Envoy

1) Freeport makes great contribution to Papua: Envoy
2) Murphy Oil drills two exploration wells in Papua

8) New Zealand aid programme in West Papua criticised

1) Freeport makes great contribution to Papua: Envoy

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Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - PT Freeport Indonesia, in Mimika district, Papua province, has made significant contributions to the province, according to US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert Blake.

"I see how Freeport is making unprecedented and much needed contributions to Papua, not only in terms of economic development and employing more than 30,000 people, but also to the local communities and local institutions," Blake said during his visit to Freeports facilities on Friday (June 13).

Blake planted trees at Freeports environmental reclamation area and observed how the company is re-vegetating the mine area and studying the agricultural potential of the area. 

"Last year, the company invested over $100 million in support of Papuan education, malaria, HIV and other health programs, training, and entrepreneurship programs that have helped to create 120 Papuan owned and operated businesses," he noted.

The Ambassador then traveled up-river to survey a mangrove environmental management project supported by USAID. 

USAID is working with local partners in Mimika to preserve 250,000 hectares of mangrove forest and wetlands and to collaborate on a sustainable management program that creates a triple-win for biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation.

Upon the conclusion of the mangrove visit, Ambassador Blake spoke with members of the local media about cooperation on development issues between the US government and local government, as well as civil society organizations in Papua.
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2) Murphy Oil drills two exploration wells in Papua

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Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Murphy Oil is drilling two oil exploration wells in Semai II Block, Fak-Fak offshore, West Papua, at a cost of US$30 to 50 million, according to officials.

Bambang Dwi Djanuarto, the spokesman of the Papua and Muluku special working unit of SKK Migas, the oil and gas upstream business regulator said, when contacted from here on Saturday, that the drilling of the two wells was based upon earlier agreements.

"The drilling of the exploration wells is Murphys commitment to the government, made when it won the bid for the Semai II Block," he said.

He added that Murphy had earlier drilled an exploration well at Lengkuas I at a cost of US$21to 25 million, but the well was found to have no oil and Murphy absorbed the loss.

He said the Semai II Block well has reached 6,500 meters under the sea and the cost of drilling remains very high.

Bambang added that as a contractor, Murphy had to assume all risks and also all financial losses when it failed to discover oil or gas reserves.

"Murphy has taken the possible risks and large financial losses by conducting offshore and deep sea drilling," he said.

Several investors, including Hess and Niko Resources, have reported losing up to one billion US dollars while drilling for oil reserves.

Bambang noted that finding additional reserves would benefit contractors, as well as the country, as they would expand oil production throughout the country.

"Unless new reserves are found, Indonesias oil production is predicted to end within the next ten years. Indonesia is not an oil-rich country," he said.

In view of that, he added that Indonesia expects investors would continue to take risks and financial losses to explore wells throughout the country.

He said the two exploration wells now being drilled are Serai 1 and Bawang Putih 1 using the COSL BOSS rig.

The drilling is expected to be conducted in 90 meter deep waters, drilling down 2,500 meters below the sea.

"The investment for the second and third drilling is smaller, as the well is shallower than the first one," Bambang said.

(Reporting by Kelik Dewanto/K007/H-YH/INE/KR-BSR/F001)
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Jenewa, 13/6 (Jubi) – The International Coalition for Papua (ICP) stated its concern about the restriction of freedom of expression in Papua in the 26th session of annual conference of the UN Human Right Council in Geneva on June 11.   
The ICP asked the UN Human Right Council to review restrictions on the freedom of expression and peaceful gathering in Papua, the international human rights observers, foreign journalists and researchers.
According to the ICP, in 2013, the number of political prisoners has doubled, while the violence and mistreatment cases were reported four times increase, and some cases related to the denial of access to legal attorney and fair trial has doubled compare to the previous year.
“The increase of coordination on the peaceful political activities in West Papua has triggered the repressive response of the police who represented the consistently and anxious attacks towards the right of gathering peacefully. Within 2013, at least 19 detention cases have been conducted to prevent, arrest or punish the protestors. Data showed an increase of mass arrest frequencies,” Budi Thjahjono, the ICP member from the International Franciscan when reading the statement in front of the members of the UN Human Rights Council.
Further, according to ICP, the possession of Morning Star flag are increasingly used as the reason behind the arrest and intimidation. The latest data showed the implementation of the Emergency Law 12/1951 of the possession of weapons, firearms and ammunitions sometimes has been used to convince the Court if the prosecutor had no enough reliable evidence for treason accused.
“On 2 April 2014, two students Alfares Kapissa and Yali Wenda was arrested and tortured by the police when they voiced the release of political prisoners and the open democracy in Papua in the peaceful protest. They have been beaten, given electric shocks, trampled and not get the sufficient medical treatment. The police also harassed them by calling them “monkey”, said Thjahjono.
ICP said up to the late of May 2014, at least 79 political prisoners were prisoned in Papua Prison. At least 42 cases of intimidation towards the prisoners have been reported within 2013. ICP further said the journalists in Papua also encounter the risk of detention, threats and intimidation. According to the Alliance of Independent Journalist Indonesia (AJI) Jayapura, within 2013, there were 20 violence and intimidation cases towards journalists in Papua. It increased from 12 reported cases in 2012.
The restriction on the freedom of expression is encouraging ICP to recommend the Government of Indonesia to finalize the amendment of the Indonesia Criminal Code of Conduct to comply with the human rights treaties, in particularly the criminalization and the prohibition of violence and the cancelation of Article 106 and 110. Further, the Government of Indonesia is expected to observe the police’s policy in Papua and the security force training to ensure the respect on the right of freedom of expression and gathering. ICP also recommend the unconditional release of political prisoners in Papua as part of comprehensive policy to end the charge on the freedom of expression.
Frank La Rue, the UN Special Rapporteur for the Freedom of Expression said the issue on the freedom of expression in Papua gained his attention, especially because he got an access denial to visit Papua some years ago.
“I understand about this issue. Thank you for bringin the very strong statement. I might be not reelected as Special Rapporteur for this year, but the issue on the freedom of expression in Papua would be a concern of the next Special Rapporteur,” Frank La Rue said to Jubi. (Jubi/Victor Mambor/rom)
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Jayapura, 13/6 (Jubi) – Kristianus Delgion Madai, who was on trial for the possession of 8 bullets, was sentenced to six months in prisoon.
Madai was arrested in February after officers found 8 bullets in his luggage  passed at the Sentani Airport.
“Madai was sentenced to six months in prison. It is lighter than prosecution demands of one year in prison,” Gustaf Kawer,  Madai’s attorney, told in Abepura, Jayapura on Wednesday (11/6).
He said his client would appeal because.
“For us, this condition clearly shows injustice because he is not the owner of the eight bullets. He brought them but did not know that these items were in the bag. There are also witnesses to strengthen his argument, ” Kawer added.
Madai was charged under Article 1 Paragraph (1) of Emergency Law No 12 of 1951.
One of the defense witnesses is Agus Tebay, who said  the bag belongs to his father that he borrowed when leaving to Nabire through Jayapura.
“The ammunition is mine, I collected at the shooting exercise field in Pasir II jayapura when I was in high school,” he said in the court. (Jubi / Aprila/ Tina)
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Jayapura, 13/6 (Jubi) – The chairman of Commission A at the Jayapura Legislative Council, Abisay Rollo, said the city government will provide education and services for Port Numbay children.
“We’re hoping that Port Numbay people will not be like Batavia, or Jakarta,” he told, in Jayapura, Papua on Thursday (12/6).
He  said that there needs to be affirmative programs to protect Port Numbay children.
“There should be special rules or local regulations for the protection of native Port Numbay,” he said.
Even so, he did not deny the role of outsiders in building Jayapura.
“I think the Jayapura municipality must realize education funds for Port Numbay students who are now in IPDN (State Government Administrative School),” said Abisay.
Abisay urged the entire community to give their attention to the next generation better.
Bernard Fingkreuw, an adviser with the Port Numbay Generation Association also said that it pushes government to stand and fight for Port Numbay people.
“This organization is a learning organization  and I am hoping that through this organization we can create a better future for the next generation on their own land,” he said. (Jubi / Sindung/ Tina)



Jayapura, 13/6 (Jubi) – The Papua and West Papua Representative Office of Bank Indonesia is drawing up programs to improve the skills of small indigenous entrepreneurs, said its chief Hasiholan Siahaan said.
“We’ve been coordinating with the Provincial Government of Papua to initiate the Regional Credit Guarantee Corporation (PPDK). It will provide assistance to indigenous entrepreneurs in getting business loans due to some obstacles related to collateral and other issues,” Siahaan said in Jayapura on Wednesday (11/6).
He said PPKD also seeks to help indigenous entrepreneurs to be independent  and to encourage them to try other businesses than construction.
“We hope with the establishment of PPKD, indigenous Papua entrepreneurs will dare to try productive businesses such as chicken farming and cow breeding,” he said.
Second Assistant of Provincial Secretariat for Economic and Development, Elia Loupatty said the formulation of the business development pattern would be easily established if research on prospective commodities in Papua has been disseminated.
“The research will describe all related issues in regards to the development of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise in Province Papua,”he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)


Merauke, Jubi (13/6) – The Family Planning (KB) Program in Papua does not promote the national campaign which encourages two children only, but promotes and educates people about maternal and child health, an official said.
The Sub-division Head of Family Planning Health Care of Province Papua, Ahmad Soamole told on Thurday (12/6) that the national campaign is not relevant in Papua due to its large geography.
He said controlling the pregnancy and childbirth will eventually help mothers and children to be healthier.
He further added only competent medical workers can explain to women whether they have cancer or not because they need to take samples from the women’s reproductive organ and send them to Surabaya or Yogyakarta for further examination.
“Up to now we have not had the equipment to detect cancer,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Head of Reproductive Heath Center of Merauke Hospital, dr. Inge Sillvia separately said birth control would give benefit to the mothers’ health and the children’s growth. (Jubi/Frans L Kobun/rom)


 8) New Zealand aid programme in West Papua criticised

Updated 2:14pm: The ambassador to Indonesia is on the defensive after questions were raised about the integrity of a New Zealand aid programme in West Papua.

Several million dollars were to be spent training police in the region but now the scheme's been axed by Indonesian authorities, citing what they call "questionable motives".
The Jakarta Globe reports deputy police chief Badrodin Haiti saying information gathered by Indonesia's intelligence service suggests there was a hidden motive to the aid.

But New Zealand's ambassador to Indonesia, David Taylor, says our government was only responding to a request for help from Indonesia.
He says while he was aware the programme was being culled, he believes it was because of security concerns related to the upcoming elections.
The programme would have seen two full-time police staff deployed to the region for three years and short-term specialists who'd train up to one-thousand local officers.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unaware of concerns raised by Indonesian police over its proposed aid programme in eastern Indonesia.
The planned police training programme has been culled after the southeast Asian Nation's intelligence service suggested there was a hidden motive behind the project.
The ministry says while Indonesia has advised its embassy in Jakarta that they aren't able to support the project at this time - it's not aware of any concerns as to the 'motives.
A spokesperson says the project had been designed to help local police improve their community policing skills and relationships with people in Papua,West Paua and Maluku.
Decisions about the programme's future will depend on New Zealand's development priorities and the incoming Indonesian Government.

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