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1) Push for West Papua

1) Push for West Papua
2) Indonesian Papua echoes Create Panic
3) Cecum KNPB: Occupiers keep invaders, klonial still klonial boycott Homeland PILPRES 2014 in Papua

4) RI-Oz ties priority for  both candidates


1) Push for West Papua
Tevita Vuibau
Monday, June 23, 2014
THE liberation of West Papua from Indonesian occupation will be a key feature of the SODELPA manifesto to be released next month.
That is the message from party leader Ro Teimumu Kepa who says they want the people of West Papua to know that theirs is not a forgotten struggle.
"SODELPA's message to the oppressed West Papuans is: You are not alone. Support is growing for your just cause. We are with you," Ro Teimumu said yesterday.
Her comments come after Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was hosted by Pacific leaders at the 2nd summit of the Pacific Development Islands Forum in Nadi last week.
Before leaving Indonesia last week, Mr Yudhoyono told Indonesian Press he would address the West Papua issue and all "misinformation" on the subject, while in Fiji. "But he was not reported to have raised the issue of West Papua publicly at the forum, despite being quoted in Indonesia that he intended to do so," Ro Teimumu said.
As of yesterday - two days after the PIDF summit concluded, there has been no mention of discussions or resolutions from Mr Yudhoyono on West Papua.
"We view the appearance of the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the expensive Pacific Islands Development Forum in Nadi as a diplomatic and political offensive partly related to West Papua," Ro Teimumu said.
"The aim is to keep as many Pacific leaders as possible onside with Indonesia's West Papua policy and to counter growing international and regional pressure in favour of the West Papuans."
She said Prime Minister Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama had called Mr Yudhoyono visit "one of the greatest things that has ever happened to Fiji".
In his opening statements at the 2nd Summit of the PIDF PM Bainimarama said Mr Yudhoyono was uniquely qualified to help steer discussions as one of only three UN appointed leaders to the high-level panel advising it on the global development agenda beyond 2015.


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2) Indonesian Papua echoes Create Panic
June 21, 2014 By: reporter Category: News

Jayapura, KNPBnews - Papua struggle continues to resonate. Indonesian colonial rulers seem to have been unable to dispel the rotten ways. SBY to visit Fiji to intelligence operations in cyberspace to show panic Indonesia over Papua echo.

Thus the conclusion of the reading of the situation issued by the Secretariat of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB). According KNPB, a visit to Fiji President yesterday was the attitude of Indonesian panic because the truth is championed by the nation of Papua has been openly combated by the Community and Churches in Melanesia, the Pacific and other countries.

In addition, KNPB also looked at the presence of Indonesian intelligence operations through opinion war in cyberspace. Indonesian intelligence pretend to use the name and clan identities Papuans and write opinions expressed aim to take a lead of mind reader apathy towards the Papuan struggle.

"They use the free site kompasiana, and sites with no other identity, then they pass it on to the group-group and social media users belong to facebook and twitter Papuans. Funny thing is, they are trying to convey the ideas of welfare and development of the Homeland while cornering Papua struggle, "wrote in his description KNPB

However, according to KNPB, the people of West Papua will not be easy to swallow all the propaganda invaders categorically. West Papuan People already do not be duped again. They will choose which news is true and what news from Indonesian Intelligence.

In addition to intelligence operations in cyberspace, the colonial government of Indonesia through his legs, the colonial elite Indonesian bureaucrats who are paid with dollars in Papua, continues to garner the attention of the people of West Papua through activities that are alignments.

In fact, according to KNPB, the activities of the colonial political content, namely that people forget themselves, and forget the struggle. "Through TVRI Papua New Releases, Cenderawasih Post, even through the release of RRI, Indonesia is taking care of people in order to forget the struggles of Papua Papua Merdeka continue to propagate to the rest of the world," said KNPB.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian military in Papua deliberately spread terror, capture and kill the Free Papua fighters in order to give effect to the people of West Papua's abundant to be fighting for the rights and dignity as human beings.

Also, according to KNPB, led the Papuan intellectuals seduction Indonesian colonial agendas such as elections, Pileg, and presidential. Their characters in the marred elections conflicts, Pileg and others. While they made sure that the colonial and capitalist cool global gold trading at PT. Freeport,

To that end, through the reading of this situation, KNPB deliver for the people of Papua, which is in the territory of West Papua in order to distinguish and reject any strategy Indonesian colonialism. KNPB reminded that people can be confident and not afraid of the establishment, as the world began to understand the truth that diperjuangan by the Papuans.

"Indonesia is increasingly panicked as the truth about the struggles of the Papuan people continue to be contradicted and pushed through the legal processes and dignified in West Papua and in the international community," wrote KNPB in the closing paragraphs.


A google translate of posting on KNPB webpage. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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3) Cecum KNPB: Occupiers keep invaders, klonial still klonial boycott Homeland PILPRES 2014 in Papua
June 22, 2014 By: knpbtimika Category: KNPB Center, News

KNPB cecum Center Suhuniap Ones
KNPB cecum Center Suhuniap Ones
Jayapura, KNPBNews - General Secretary KNPB Center, Ones Suhuniap reiterated that was nearly boycotted the election of the President of the Republic of Indonesia on the territory of West Papua since the Presidential election on the ground of Papua is an extension of the occupation for the people of Papua.

"Occupiers keep invaders, klonial still klonial boycott PILPRES in Papua and the State Homeland invaders would never think of the fate of other nations who are in jajah, the invaders would still think bagmana be mastering all the natural resources available in the region is being colonized. Similarly Homeland penjahan in West Papua for 52 Years depriving our rights. "Said Ones Suhuniap on June 22, 2014 from Jayapura West Papua.
We should not expect the state to dream and Homeland klonial colonists to provide independence, gives hope of the future fate of West Papua, the invaders will never provide a decent life and we will never appreciate the Papuans as a dignified human being. Said Suhuniap
Ones also added, which he thought to be extinct bagimana above Papuans of Papua New Guinea that is under their control in accordance with Statement Murtopo on annexed West Papua within their Tri-(TRIKORA). Therefore, the people of Papua do not expect much to state that the Homeland klonial will provide an independence and mentukan fate of West Papua. Specifically.
Suhuniap also questioned, Homeland During 52 years in power in our territory and control of all our natural resources, but what do we get? we just become spectators become poor and remain destitute minioritas, our mom still selling at the roadside, all figures and mole-mole-owned large immigrant communities in Papua. He said while he pondered the economic conditions for the people of the Land of Papua West Papua.
"Our natural resources controlled by the state and the results are brought out, live political rights rights rights rights berexpresi economy continues to be limited, we become slaves to them, whether we are a nation of slaves to be submissive and silent? We are a civilized nation and a nation that is civilized nation memilikit immoral and dignity of the same as any other nation. "
Ones with a base thought that this center Suhuniap cecum KPNB menyeruhkan that, "It is therefore to the people of West Papua to Merauke to not push the subject and quietly become a slave state and continue klonial Homeland destitute and poor on our own ground, but got up and continued to do resistance to all Homeland dirty politics on this land and must reject all that destroy Homeland kebiyakan values ​​hierarchy West Papuans including Homeland presidential elections on July 9, 2014 to come. Due to the upcoming presidential election is the threat of human extinction in West Papua Melanesia. "Seruanya.
"Involved in all policy Homeland dirty politics in West Papua means indirectly we extended a history of oppression and colonialism in West Papua. Do not be surprised if the 2020 Papua will lose land and natural resources, and we are sojourners in the land of our own. "Strictly speaking while predicting 2020 Papuans years extinct from their ancestral lands.
Hope dreadlocked man that should not be involved in the election of President of the Republic of Indonesia over the colonial territory of West Papua on July 9, 2014.

"The people of West Papua are not expected to get involved in the presidential election klonial in Sorong to Merauke, West Papua, to use the right not to get involved in the voting at each polling station, because the people of West Papua will determine the fate of West Papuans through true democracy and dignity that is The referendum will be facilitated by the United Nations. due to the presence in West Papua klonial Homeland legal and moral reasons disability Act of 1969 was implemented fairly dignified. Boycott PILPRES Homeland in West Papua and Papua Referendum solutions. "Lid.

4) RI-Oz ties priority for  both candidates
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Election Watch | Mon, June 23 2014, 12:13 PM
Presidential candidate Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Prabowo Subianto agreed during their third presidential debate on Sunday evening that establishing mutual trust was a prerequisite for rebuilding Indonesia-Australia relations, which nose-dived after revelations of the wiretapping of a number of high-ranking Indonesian officials by Australia’s intelligence agency emerged last year.
The statements came in the question and answer session, during which Jokowi asked Prabowo to share his thoughts on why Indonesia-Australia relations were so rocky.
Responding to the question, Prabowo said there was no problem between Indonesia and Australia.
“But Australia tends to see us as a threat and has a kind of phobia […] and if elected, I’d be committed to improving relations between Indonesia and Australia,” said Prabowo.
In late 2013, it was revealed that Australia wiretapped President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife in 2009, raising tensions between the two countries.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s visit to Batam in early June was the first encounter between Yudhoyono and his Australian counterpart since the revelation of the case.
Jokowi said that to rebuild the trust, Indonesia and Australia must increase communication and exchanges between governments, business players and people.
“Indonesia is still seen as a weak country and does not receive as much respect as it deserves. Gaining respect from other countries must be a priority for the next Indonesian president,” he said.
Relations between the two countries took a nose-dive shortly after Abbott's Conservative Party-led coalition won the election in September last year, defeating the incumbent Labor Party, whose governments have been traditionally favored by Indonesia.
One of Abbott's policies included taking a much tougher stance against undocumented migrants trying to enter Australia by boat through Indonesian waters.
The wiretapping of Yudhoyono, his wife Ani Yudhoyono and several top officials worsened the situation, outraging the President, who then suspended Indonesia’s military and police cooperation with Australia and recalled Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Nadjib Riphat Kesoema. The ambassador returned to his post in Canberra in May, following reduced tensions between the two countries. (fss/ebf)

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