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2) TNI members Shot in RI - PNG Border
4) Ciputra Surya to Start Housing Project in Papua

5) Poor old Indonesia - it seems no matter what happens Australians are not warming to our northern neighbour.



Jayapura , 2/6 ( Jubi ) – The United Nations ( UN ) reaffirmed its commitment to advancing development in Papua, especially in the education, health and economic sectors, during talks with the provincial government on Monday ( 2/6 ) .
The UN coordinator for Indonesia, Douglas Broderick, said after a meeting with Regional Secretary Herry Dosinaen that the world body paid great attention to the health, economic, democracy, education and government issues in Papua.
“This is a follow -up to last year’s meeting with the governor. This meeting shows our commitment to assist development in Papua,” Broderick said.
“We want to meet directly with the people of Papua , so we can hear directly what is their complaint so far. It is useful for the formulation of targeted programs, “ he added.
Dosinaen said the government of Papua province greatly appreciated the attention and seriousness of the United Nations to help build Papua . ( Jubi / Alex / Tina)
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2) TNI members Shot in RI - PNG Border
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Illustration TNI . Photo : Ist .

Jayapura , STEP MAGAZINE - A member of the Armed Forces Indonesian Army ( TNI AD ) from Infantry Battalion 623/Bhakti Wira Utama , Private Second Class ( Prada ) Maulana Malik reportedly shot in a gunfight with unidentified group on the border of the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) , Skouw on Tuesday ( 06.03.14 ) .

The information received majalahselangkah.com tonight , Prada Maulana Malik hospitalized ( RS ) Indey Marten , owned by the Army Hospital in Jayapura . However , this media is not getting information related to the care and condition of the victim .

Prada Maulana Malik reported from Wira 623/Bhakti Infantry Battalion under the command of Major 101/Antasari Korem , Military Command VI / Tanjungpura Banjarmasin , South Kalimantan . Wira Utama 623/Bhakti Battalion assigned to help maintain security in Indonesia- PNG border following a shooting incident that injured police officer .

s on the border between Indonesia and PNG , this afternoon , occurred after 1 hour the gates opened . Doors open limit after Indonesia and Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) agreed to reopen the border area Skouw - Wutung that had closed for the cross border attacks following the paramilitary groups to Skouw , Papua, on 5 April 2014 .
Armed clashe

Information compiled majalahselangkah.com , the shooting occurred when a combined military and police forces to get a briefing from Lt. Col. Kasrem 172/PWY Rano Tilaar .

Papua Police Public Relations Head , Police Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono accused shooter is an armed group that is on the border between Indonesia and PNG . However , until this evening , no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting . ( GE/003/MS )



Paniai , 2/6 ( Jubi ) – Helicopter operators have agreed to implement proposed fares for flights to traditional gold panning locations along DegeuwoKali , Paniai Regency.
“There has been agreement on the helicopter fares to Degeuwo. One trip is from Rp.300.000 to Rp. 600.000. It depends on the loading capacity of the helicopter . A heavy load will cost Rp 600.000 and a small capacity cost is Rp. 300.000 ,” chief of the Revenue Office of Paniai regency, Weynand Antoh, told tabloidjubi.com on Monday ( 2/6 ).
The agreement was made ​​between the government of Paniai with four air- helicopter companies where home base in Nabire. They are PT. Dimonim Air , PT.Wira, PT. Satria Helicopter and PT. Gatari .
“The plan begins next week,“ he said.
Previously, Paniai regent, Hengki Kayame promised to immediately build infrastructure in Nabire and Degeuwo.
The Regent said so far the proceeds of the mining wealth in Degeuwo have not benefited the local communities .
Assistant I Setda Paniai , Drs . Abdul Aziz in the meeting expressed the same expectations. Abdul believes that the outcome of negotiations with the employers will reach fruition in the future . ( Jubi / Mark You/Tina)

4) Ciputra Surya to Start Housing Project in Papua

By Vanesha Manuturi on 08:17 pm Jun 03, 2014
Jakarta. Ciputra Surya, a subsidiary of property giant Ciputra Development, will commence the construction on a new residential project in Jayapura at the end of this year, marking the company’s foray into Papua Island.
The residential project in Papua will consist of approximately 38 hectares of landed residence, according to, a director at Ciputra Surya.
She said the listed property developer is currently preparing for construction, having already assessed Jayapura’s potential from purchasing power to flight frequencies.
With a population of more than 273,000 people, Jayapura is the capital Papua province.
“With this project, Ciputra will officially be on both ends of the Indonesian archipelago,” she told reporters during a public presentation in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Ciputra Surya’s portfolio — mainly in Surabaya, East Java — includes landed residential areas, townships, and mixed-use projects.
According to Harun Hajadi, president director of Ciputra Surya, the project will cater to buyers in the middle to upper class.
Despite its status as one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia, Papua has seen the commencement of high-profile projects by companies such as BP and Freeport that are expected to bring wealth into the area.
In addition, the government’s Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI), a 15-year Rp 4,000 trillion ($340 trillion) infrastructure blueprint, is widely expected to spur economic growth in Papua.
Many developers, including Ciputra, are starting to explore opportunities outside Java as land reserves in Indonesia’s most populated island slowly shrink.
“There are still very few competitors in the area. There are local developers, but they’re relatively small,” Nanik said.
The director emphasized that quality remains the highest priority in Ciputra’s developments, saying that the company’s previous projects, which are located in less-urbanized areas, have become some of the best residences in the neighborhood. “We brought the standard from Jakarta and Surabaya to those areas,” she added.
In addition to Papua, Ciputra Surya also plans to start construction of another residential project in Palu, Central Sulawesi, later this year, which will cover an area of around 18 hectares.
Ciputra Surya targets revenue to grow by 25 percent to Rp 1.5 trillion this year. But the company forecast a 31 percent decrease in marketing sales to Rp 2.2 trillion on slower sales of projects launched last year.


Australians remain wary of Indonesia, Lowy Institute Foreign Policy Poll reveals

5) Poor old Indonesia - it seems no matter what happens Australians are not warming to our northern neighbour.

Updated 5 hours 41 minutes ago

Within a decade Indonesia is set to join the ranks of the largest 10 economies in the world, but many Australians are not seeing it as an important country they should care about.
The latest Lowy Institute Foreign Policy Poll reveals Australians have warmer feelings towards Spain, Fiji and Papua New Guinea than they have for Indonesia.
Almost half (48 per cent) of those surveyed believe China is likely to become a military threat over the next 20 years. However, Australians' feelings of "warmth" towards China have risen by six points and most believe China is Australia's best friend in Asia.
Not so for Indonesia. In the warmth rankings - from 0 to 100 degrees - Indonesia came in at 52 degrees, down 1 degree from last year.
Above Indonesia is India at 57 degrees, East Timor at 58, Papua New Guinea 59 and China at 60.
The warmest feelings are for New Zealand, at 84 degrees, followed by Canada, the Netherlands and the United States.
Below Indonesia on the scale are Israel, Burma, Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea. 
While bilateral ties were frozen by Indonesia as a result of spying allegations that arose from documents released by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Australia has continued to put great emphasis on the relationship.
On the eve of his meeting with Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament it is essential the relationship continues to improve. 
"It is a very important relationship - in some respects our most important relationship," Mr Abbott said. 
"I am particularly keen to do everything I can to improve the relationship."

Indonesian relationship important strategically: ADF chief

At Defence estimates hearings, Chief of the Australian Defence Force General David Hurley said that despite a break in joint exercises and military cooperation with Indonesia since last November, the Australian-Indonesian relationship is the regional bond that Australia most focuses on. 
"Australia invests more in the Indonesian relationship and it is very important to us strategically," he said.
Usually Australia is involved in maritime and air exercises with its Indonesian military counterparts and the special forces train in hostage rescue and counterterrorism with Kopassus.
However, the survey suggests Australians do not share the same enthusiasm for the relationship with Indonesia that the Government shows.
A majority of those surveyed said relations were "friendly" but 40 per cent said they were worsening.

Australians believe the priority issues for the relationship are regional security, terrorism and asylum seekers. Trade and investment are considered of less importance.
As Indonesia is an emerging nation with an economy predicted to dwarf Australia's in coming years, these attitudes could see Australia miss the opportunity to become more engaged with Indonesian businesses.
Already Australian business leaders in Jakarta say the Australian presence there is weaker than it should be and competition from European countries is strong. 
When Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited Jakarta after winning office in 2013 he said his priority was to boost business links, noting that great improvement was needed. 
This survey suggests Australians still have not woken up to the opportunity and the reality that interesting developments are taking place in Indonesia, and Australia may want to be a part of that.
We had better hurry or we will miss the change.

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