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1) Indonesia should install detectors at its gate with PNG: Police

1) Indonesia should install detectors at its gate with PNG: Police
2 ) Dutch Military Police ordered Morningstar flag to be lowered or folded in the
Hague, international city of peace and justice.

3) Groups Urge Any New Government of Indonesia to Pursue Justice and Respect Rights

1) Indonesia should install detectors at its gate with PNG: Police

Sun, June 29 2014 17:41 
Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - Indonesia should install a detector device at the Skouw-Wutung entry gate of its border with Papua New Guinea (PNG) to detect the entry of undesired things such as arms into the country, Papua regional police said.

"We will propose the placement of detector devices at the entry gate to monitor the entry into the country of undesired things such as fire arms and ammunition," Papua Regional Police Chief Insp. Gen Tito Karnavian told ANTARA News here on Sunday.

He said that the proposal needed to be realized soon because the police had learned from the investigation of three residents --who were suspected to be members of an armed group-- that their arms and ammunition were purchased in and taken from PNG.

The arms and ammunition were brought to Indonesia in phases through the legal channel, namely the entry gate of the two nations, Tito said.

He said that with the confession of the suspects and the evidence in hand, devices like metal detectors and X-ray should be installed soon.

He said that based on the investigation, the arms and ammunition were smuggled in not through the sea or a footpath in the border but through the official entry gate.

The security personnel in the Papua provincial capital of Jayapura arrested four people on Wednesday morning for carrying two firearms and 300 bullets.

The security personnel made the arrest after intercepting a car in the city, which was carrying four people, identified by the initials EW, DW, TT, and R.

Inspector General Tito Karvanian confirmed the arrest while attending a coordination meeting here on Wednesday to discuss the preparations for the July 9 presidential poll.

"Right now, they are undergoing intensive interrogation," he stated on the sidelines of the workshop.

According to Antaras reliable source, the two firearms and 300 bullets measuring 7.7 millimeters were intended to be sent by road to the provinces mountainous region.

In the meantime, a military commander announced on Wednesday that TNI were ready "to eliminate" Free Papua Movement (OPM) members reported to have emerged on the occasion of the separatist organizations anniversary on July 1.

"Trust me. If we find any movement, they will certainly be shot, and I am completely prepared. I assure peace for the people," the commander of the Cenderawasih 27th Regional Military Command overseeing Papua, Major General Christian Zebua, said on the sidelines of a regional coordination meeting on the implementation of presidential election in the region.

The meeting was led by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe and attended by all regional TNI and police leadership and heads of regional offices concerned.

Thirteen of a total 29 mayors/district heads from across the province attended the meeting.

Christian made the statement in response to a reporters question regarding anticipatory measures against OPM activity ahead of the July 1 OPM anniversary.

It has been reported that OPM members had planned to conduct activities in Jayapura, the capital of Papua, on July 1, including hoisting the separatists flag.

Community members were worried about the rumor as the city was on the verge of implementing presidential election scheduled on July 9.

"OPM members will not create any disruption on July 1. We had always anticipated it. July 1 this year will be the same as July 1 the years before," he asserted.

On June 7, 2014, at around 5.35 am, TNI forces had killed Timika Wonda during an exchange of fire at Tingginambut in Puncak Jaya.

Wonda was one of the assistants of Goliat Tabuni, an OPM leader operating around Puncak Jaya.

Christian explained that TNI forces initially were only monitoring movements at Puncak Jaya border area when they discovered that Timika Wonda was about to enter a residential area. He opened fire at the TNI forces, forcing them to retaliate leading to the death of the OPM leader.

"So, we had actually been aware that he will descend on the village. However, he shot at us soon after entering the village and forced us to retaliate, which caused his death," he noted.

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2) Dutch Military Police ordered Morningstar flag to be lowered or folded in the
Hague, international city of peace and justice.

Mp's were instructed to order everyone on the Malieveld in The Hague during
Dutch Veterans day yesterday, to lower the Morningstar flag if they were
waving it. This contradicts a controversial agreement that was made earlier
this week in the Dutch house of representatives (it is said under pressure
from the Indonesian ambassy in The Hague)  that Morningstar flags were not to
be carried in the veteran procesion, but specifically could be carried outside
of the procession and on the Malieveld.  The gentleman in the picture kindly
took notice of the instructions and nevertheless decided not to lower his
Morningstar flag.  The Mp's left behind made an official report and late in
the afternoon the instructions were altered and the Morningstar flag was
allowed on the Malieveld. One young Dutch Papuan was arrested along the route
of the procession for waving the Morningstar flag near the King and prime-
minister. He was released several hours later.

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3) Groups Urge Any New Government of Indonesia to Pursue Justice and Respect Rights

Bahasa Indonesia: Kelompok-kelompok yang Mendesak Pemerintah Baru Indonesia untuk Mengejar Keadilan dan Menghormati Hak Asasi.

Media Release
Contact (English): John M. Miller, ETAN, +1-917-690-4391,
Contact (Bahasa Indonesia): Andrew de Sousa, +66-904241290,

Groups Urge Any New Government of Indonesia to Pursue Justice and Respect Rights

June 30
 - In a statement released today human rights groups urged the next government of Indonesia "to break with the past [and] fully and meaningfully address the legacy of impunity for past human rights violations," adding that "the continued lack of accountability for past and ongoing violations of human rights threatens lasting progress."

The statement, coordinated by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) and signed by 32 organizations based in a dozen countries, urged the Indonesia government to “provide meaningful reparations for the victims, survivors and their families of egregious human rights crimes.” It also called on the next government to bring the military “fully under civilian control and the rule of law.”

The groups wrote that “Indonesian security forces operate with near impunity in the provinces of West Papua and Papua,” and called for the release of political prisoners, respect for freedom of expression, and ending restrictions on international access to the region.

The groups also urged the new government to build “genuine relationships between peoples” of Indonesia and Timor-Leste by committing to “an international tribunal to prosecute crimes against humanity and war crimes committed during the occupation, the opening of all relevant historical archives, including those of the TNI, and reparations for victims of Indonesia’s security forces.

"We are well aware that one presidential contender is an admitted and serial human rights violator and that the other has a former general indicted for crimes against humanity in Timor-Leste on his campaign team," said John M. Miller, coordinator of ETAN.

"However, Indonesia's new parliament and whoever becomes president have obligations under Indonesian law and international treaties. Our statement provides some measures with which to evaluate the new government's actions on human rights."

In April, Indonesians elected a new parliament that will be sworn in October 1. On July 9, they will vote on a new President who will take office October 20. Aspects of one candidate’s human rights record have been the subject of debate during the presidential campaign.

Former general Prabowo Subianto has been implicated in a series of human rights violations in Timor-Leste, Jakarta and elsewhere during his military career. He has confessed to kidnapping activists and planning a coup in May 1998. Recently, journalist Allan Nairn reported that Prabowo had called "Indonesia is not ready for democracy,” and while praising the military dictatorship of Pakistan’s General Pervez Musharraf, Prabowo asked "Do I have the guts, am I ready to be called a fascist dictator?" Referring to the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in Timor-Leste, Prabowo said that “You don't massacre civilians in front of the world press,” saying that "Maybe commanders do it in villages where no one will ever know…”

His opponent Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo is younger and has never served in the military, but among his campaign team are several former generals accused of serious violations of human rights.  General Wiranto was indicted in Timor-Leste for his role in the violence surrounding its independence ballot. General AM Hendropriyono has been implicated in a 1989 massacre of civilians Central Lampung, the assassination of human rights lawyer Munir while head of Indonesia’s intelligence agency (BIN), and in the forced deportation of over 250,000 people from East to West Timor in 1999. Other tainted Widodo supporters include: Former BIN deputy chief retired Major General Muchdi Purwoprandjono who is also accused in the murder of Munir and former Jakarta Military Commander Lieutenant General Sutiyoso , accused of torture in Timor-Leste. A 2007 attempt to question him about the October 1975 murder of five journalist in Balibo, Timor-Leste, caused a diplomatic incident. He was Jakarta military commander when thugs backed by troops and police attacked the headquarters of the Indonesian Democratic Party in 1996. Retired General Ryamizard Ryacudu was “a hardline general known for his xenophobic remarks and criticism of rights activists.” As army chief of staff he oversaw the implementation of martial law in Aceh beginning in May 2003.

The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) was founded in 1991. ETAN supports democracy, human rights and justice in Timor-Leste, West Papua and Indonesia. ETAN is non-partisan. It works on issues and does not support candidates or political parties in any country. Twitter: @etan009.

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Kontak (bahasa Inggris): John M. Miller, ETAN, +1-917-690-4391,
Kontak (bahasa Indonesia): Andrew de Sousa, +66-904241290,

Kelompok -kelompok yang Mendesak Pemerintah Baru Indonesia untuk Mengejar Keadilan dan Menghormati Hak Asasi.

Tanggal 29 Juni 2014
 – Dalam pernyataan yang dikeluarkan hari ini, kelompok pembela hak asasi manusia mendesak pemerintah Indonesia yang baru untuk “segera memutuskan hubungan terhadap masa lalu dan secara serius menyelesaikan warisan pengampunan (impunitas) terhadap pelanggaran hak asasi manusia yang terjadi di Indonesia," dan menambahkan bahwa “kurangnya proses pertanggung-jawaban terhadap kasus-kasus pelanggaran HAM yang terjadi di masa lalu dan juga sekarang akan mengancam kemajuan proses demokrasi Indonesia yang sedang berjalan."

Pernyataan ini, dikoordinasi oleh East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) dan ditanda-tangani oleh 32 lembaga   berasal dari 12 negara, mendesak kepada pemerintah Indonesia untuk “memenuhi pemulihan para korban dan juga keluarga mereka yang mengalami pelanggaran HAM berat.” Dan juga menyerukan kepada pemerintahan yang baru untuk menempatkan institusi militer “ agar secara penuh tunduk terhadap kekuasaan sipil dan peraturan-peraturan hukum yang ada.”

Gabungan kelompok ini menuliskan bahwa “Pasukan keamanan Indonesia beroperasi dengan impunitas di propinsi Papua dan Papua Barat,” mereka juga menyerukan untuk tahanan politik dibebaskan, menghormati kebebasan berpendapat dan mengakhiri pelarangan akses internasional ke dalam wilayah tersebut.”

Kelompok-kelompok ini juga mendesak pemerintahan yang baru untuk membangun “hubungan yang tulus antara rakyat Indonesia dan Timor Leste dengan berkomitmen penuh melaksanakan pengadilan internasional untuk menghukum pelaku kejahatan kemanusiaan dan kejahatan perang yang dilakukan pada masa Indonesia menjajah Timor Leste, membuka seluruh arsip-arsip bersejarah yang terkait dengan isu tersebut, termasuk yang ada dalam arsip TNI dan juga pemulihan bagi korban kekerasan pasukan keamanan Indonesia.”

"Kami menyadari bahwa salah satu calon presiden telah dinyatakan sebagai pelaku pelanggar hak asasi manusia dan calon lain berkoalisi dengan mantan Jenderal yang telah didakwa sebagai penjahat HAM di Timor-Leste sebagai tim kampanye dirinya,” kata koordinator ETAN John M. Miller.

"Akan tetapi, bagi anggota parlemen baru Indonesia dan siapapun yang akan duduk sebagai presiden nantinya mempunyai kewajiban di bawah hukum Indonesia dan juga perjanjian hukum internasional untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan tersebut. Pernyataan ini memberikan dan menyediakan ukuran mana yang dapat digunakan untuk mengevaluasi aksi pemerintahan baru terhadap pemenuhan hak asasi manusia di Indonesia."

Latar Belakang
Pada bulan April, rakyat Indonesia telah memilih anggota parlemen baru mereka. Pada tanggal 9 Juli nanti, mereka akan memilih Presiden yang sedianya akan mulai bekerja pada Oktober 2014. Salah satu dari kandidat tersebut mempunyai catatan hak asasi manusia yang kerap menjadi perdebatan dalam proses kampanye saat ini.

Keterlibatan mantan Jenderal Prabowo Subianto dalam beberapa kasus pelanggaran hak asasi manusia di Timor Leste, Jakarta dan beberapa tempat lain pada saat dirinya berkarir di militer. Ia pun telah mengakui keterlibatannya terhadap penculikan aktivis dan rencana kudeta pada tahun 1998.  Baru-baru ini, seorang jurnalis bernama Allan Nairn melaporkan bahwa Prabowo mengatakan “Indonesia belum siap untuk demokrasi,” dan pada saat yang sama memuji pemerintahan diktaktor militer Pakistan Jenderal Pervez Musharraf, Prabowo bertanya pada saat itu "Apa saya cukup punya nyali, apa saya siap jika disebut 'diktator fasis'?" Mengacu pada pembunuhan masal Santa Cruz pada tahun 1991 di Timor Leste, Prabowo mengatakan “Anda tidak semestinya membunuh warga sipil di depan pers internasional,… Komandan-komandan itu bisa saja membantai di desa-desa terpencil sehingga tak diketahui siapapun, tapi bukan di ibukota provinsi!”

Lawannya Gubernur Jakarta Joko Widodo, tidak pernah bertugas di militer, namun di dalam tim kapanyenya terdapat beberapa mantan Jenderal yang didakwa karena melakukan pelanggaran HAM berat.  Jenderal Wiranto didakwa di Timor Leste karena perannya pada peristiwa kekerasan di sekitar tempat pemungutan suara untuk kemerdekaan di Timor Leste. Jenderal AM Hendropriyono didakwa karena pembunuhan masal masyarakat sipil di Lampung Tengah pada tahun 1989, pembunuhan pengacara hak asasi manusia Munir pada saat dirinya menjabat sebagai kepala BIN, dan dirinya mendeportasi dengan paksa lebih dari 250.000 orang dari Timor Timur ke Timor barat pada tahun 1999. Beberapa pendukung Widodo yang juga kotor adalah: Mantan kepala intelejen, pensiunan jenderal Muchdi Purwoprandjono yang diduga terlibat dalam pembunuhan Munir dan pensiunan Komandan Militer Jakarta Lentan Jenderal Sutiyoso , yang didakwa terhadap kasus penyiksaan di Timor Leste. Pada tahun 2007, upaya untuk menanyakan dirinya tentang kasus pembunuhan jurnalis di Balibo pada tahun 1975 menyebabkan insiden diplomatik. Ketika penyerangan markas Partai Demokrasi Indonesia tahun 1996, Sutiyoso saat itu masih menjabat sebagai komandan militer Jakarta. Pensiunan Jenderal General Ryamizard Ryacudu adalah seorang “seorang jenderal garis keras yang dikenal karena pernyataan xenophobik dan kritikan terhadap aktifis hak asasi manusia.” Sebagai kepala staff tentara Indonesia, dirinya pada saat itu mengawasi impelementasi darurat militer di Aceh pada awal tahun 2003.

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) didirikan pada tahun 1991. ETAN mendukung demokrasi, hak asasi manusia dan keadilan di Timor Leste, Papua dan Indonesia. ETAN adalah organisasi non-partisan (tidak berpihak). Bekerja akan isu-isu dan tidak mendukung kandidat maupun partai politik dari negara manapun. Twitter: @etan009.


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John M. Miller, National Coordinator
East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)


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