Saturday, September 12, 2015

1) 2 Indonesian Citizens Held Hostage in PNG

2) Two Indonesians held captive  in PNG

SATURDAY, 12 SEPTEMBER, 2015 | 18:20 WIB
1) 2 Indonesian Citizens Held Hostage in PNG
TEMPO.COJakarta - Indonesian Consular in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Elmar Iwan Lubis reported Saturday, September 12, that two Indonesian citizens were being held hostage by an unknown group in Skouwtiau village, Papua New Guinea.
"Previously, we received information about two Indonesian citizens who were declared missing in a shooting incident in Skopron, Keerom village several days ago. Based on the information, two Indonesian citizens were allegedly taken by an unknown group Skouwtiau village, Papua New Guinea," Elmar said through e-mail on Saturday.
A resident of Skopron, Keerom Regency, Papua, was shot by an unidentified person near the Indonesian border with PNG on Wednesday, September 9. The man was shot while cutting wood in the forest area of Kampung Skopron, Keerom, about an hour away by road towards PNG.
In addition, Elmar said, the Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo had also received information from Papua New Guinean soldiers in Vanimo that the soldiers have already learned about the two Indonesian citizens who were being held hostage by the unknown group.
"The two Indonesian citizens are reportedly in a good condition,” Elmar said.
According to Elmar, the Papua New Guinean soldiers also informed Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo that they continued to make efforts to free the two Indonesians.
"However, we told the soldiers that we emphasize that the safety of our two citizens is our main priority,” he said.
2) Two Indonesians held captive  in PNG, Jakarta | Archipelago | Sat, September 12 2015, 5:31 PM - 
Two Indonesian citizens are being held captive by unknown persons in Skouwtiau hamlet in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
According to the Indonesian Consul in Vanimo, Elmar Lubis, on Saturday, it received confirmation from the PNG military regarding the incident.
The two Indonesians, namely Sudirman, 28, and Badar, 30, who both work as woodcutters, were captured on Wednesday while working in Skofro hamlet in the Kerom regency. Another woodcutter, Kuba, was shot during the incident.
Kuba is currently being treated at the Bhayangkara Hospital in Jayapura.
Elmar said that Sudirman and Badar were in good condition and efforts to release them were still ongoing. He has also made a request to the PNG military to prioritize the safety of the Indonesians. (kes)(++++)

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