Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1) PNG, Indonesia Urged to Reveal Group Behind Hotage-Taking

2) Military to Tighten Security on Border after Hostage-Taking Incident

3) Local Leaders Urged Not to Remain Silent About Violence  
4) 166 Asmat Residents Suffer from Leprosy
5) King of Cycloop Did Not Turn Himself In, but Arrested
6) Three Ministers Visit Papua to Inspect Freeport Indonesia

1) PNG, Indonesia Urged to Reveal Group Behind Hotage-Taking


                                                         Border of Indonesia – PNG – Suplied

Yogyakarta, Jubi – The vice chairman of the Advisory Council of the Union Council of Churches in Indonesia (PGI), Rev. Karel Phil Erari urged authorities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia to reveal the group who took hostage two Indonesians this month.
“PNG must reveal who took hostage, and Indonesia must not cover up who are the two people that were taken hostage and who took hostage,” he told Jubi this week.
He said, the public in Indonesia, especially in Papua already built their own assumption and it seemed that the hostage against the two Indonesian like a drama made intentionally.
“The public had already made their own assumptions and seems like it is a drama created intentionally. As this month Indonesia and PNG are facing on the Pacific Island Forum (PIF) Fact Finding Mission on human rights violations in Papua to support for the Papua issue submitted to the Commission 24 on Decolonization in the United Nations (UN), ” said Rev. Erari, who is also the former chairman of this PGI.
As rumored by media earlier, consul of Indonesia in Vanimo, Elmar Lubis told reporters after the ceremony at the Immigration Office in Skouw-Wutung that the liberation has been started from last week since the hostage incident.
“The priority is the safety of the two suspects. The army PNG conducted the search in the area where the hostages predicted are and started to communicate with us, “he said.
The two Indonesian citizens were reported missing since Wednesday (09/09/2015) then and is suspected to have been held hostage by an unidentified group (OTK) and was finally released by the group on Thursday night (09/17/2015) to the PNG Army in Mount Victoria, Skouwtiau, Bewani district, Sandaun Province, PNG, at around 09:35 (PNG Time Zone)
Two hostages are Ladiri alias Dirma (30) which was previously identified as Sudirman and Badar (29). On Friday morning (18/09/2015) around 10:00 (PNG time), the delivery was done at the headquarters of the Army Vanimo, PNG, which is located about 300 meters from the Consulate General of Indonesia in Vanimo. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)

2) Military to Tighten Security on Border after Hostage-Taking Incident
Jayapura, Jubi – The military will tighten security on the border with Papua New Guinea following the hostage-taking of two Indonesians in the neighboring country, the regional military chief said.
Relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have been good and are getting better as demostrated in efforts to rescue the hostage from armed men, Regional Commander XVII / Cenderawasih Maj Hinsa Siburian said on last week .
“The border security will be tightened so that the similar incidents will not occur in the future. However, there will be no additional troops, ” Siburian said during an function to deploy Special Forces Command in Rindam.
He said besides tightening the security at the border, the territorial approach will be also improved by urging the community in order to increase its own security in the region.
Related to the process of the release of the two hostages without any request on the part of the perpetrator, military commander said, in an effort to free hostages are always put forward a persuasive approach but also prepared other alternatives.
Earlier, head of Border and Foreign Cooperation Relations Papua, Susana Wanggai said the acquisition process by means of persuasive conducted by the Army PNG against the perpetrator.
“For that, of course we will maintain this relationship. As proof we have the same look that the liberation efforts and negotiations went well. The most important is the two of our citizens in good shape and healthy, “she said. (Roy Ratumakin/ Tina)
3) Local Leaders Urged Not to Remain Silent About Violence  
Jayapura, Jubi – Violence, shooting incidents and allegations of human right violations that are besetting Papua are among several issues highlighted by Commission I of Papua Representative Council for Government, Politic, Legal and Human Right Affairs.
Regents play an important role to protect the people, said a member of Commission I of Papua Representative Council, Laurenzus Kadepa.
Kadepa said the local governments or regional heads should not remain silent and irresponsive as their residents become the victims of violence, such as in the shooting incidents, and not just blame the Military/Police.
“Do not just blame the Military/Police. The regional heads hold a very important role. The regents must have thousands of ways to protect their people. The regents in Papua should be recognized that people are valuable asset to be protected,” Kadepa said through short message to Jubi on Monday (21/9/2015).
According to him, speaking about human rights in Papua is everyone’s duty. Do not wait until the students, NGOs, or church authorities to talk. The regents in Papua must think about it immediately. “The regional heads do not be silent or only get busy with the development programs. What are those programs for? While the residents are shot? Let’s together urging Jakarta to conduct thorough evaluation on the security issue in Papua,” he said.
The deteriorating of human right situation in Papua continues to be an international highlight. Some times ago, the Australia West Papua Association (AWPA) appealed to the leaders of Pacific Islands Forum to deal with so called the worst human right situation in Papua Province. “We urge the leaders of Pacific Islands Forum to talk about the human right situation in West Papua and ask the approval from Indonesian Government to accept the find fact mission for West Papua,” Chairman of Australia West Papua Association, Joe Collins said on Tuesday (28/7/2015). (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

4) 166 Asmat Residents Suffer from Leprosy
Jayapura, Jubi – At least 166 Asmat residents are suffering from leprosy, the local health agency said.
The residents live in two villages, Mumugu Satu and Mumugu Dua, located in Sawaerma Sub-district, said Asmat Regency.the head of Asmat Health Office, dr. Pietererta Pajala by phone on Monday (21/9/2015).
He said the number of lepers in Mumuju had increased from 140 to 166.
“In early August we found 140 people suffering from leprosy. When our colleagues from Health Problem Controller (PMK) conducted intensive monitoring, they found other lepers among local residents. So, currently total people suffering from leprosy is 166,” he said.
“We know that leprosy can be cured by taking medicines regularly, while people are mostly not taking drugs because the health workers do not provide services to community by visiting their home or bivak (Asmat traditional house) to encourage them for taking medicine. That’s why the leprosy is increased among the people,” he said.
In handling this situation, he said, the Asmat Regency Health Office attempts to hire some health workers to be replaced in Mumugu, but it’s not lasting. “So, we work together with Alfons Sowada Foundation of Agats Diocese, because according to them, they could reach patients who gather foods in the forests or stay in the bivaks. It’s something that we couldn’t do but they certainly can,” he said.
He further said the Asmat Regency Health Office signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Alfons Sowada Foundation of Agats Diocese in January 2015. Through this collaboration, the foundation could assist the regional health office in providing services and medical treatment to the lepers.
“This collaboration has been implemented for 8 months because it was started in January and it continues until December. After that, we will conduct an evaluation whether the leprosy is reduced or not,” he said.
He admitted he already reported this situation to the Head of Papua Provincial Health Office, drg. Aloysius Giay, during his field visit to Mumugu Dua Village on Thursday (17/9). Earlier, Pastor Hendrik Kada Pr who served in Sawaerma Sub-district said the number of people suffering from leprosy in Mumugu has increased from about 150 in 2014 to 165. (*/rom)
5) King of Cycloop Did Not Turn Himself In, but Arrested

Jayapura, Jubi – Adrianus Apaseray, or known as King of Cycloop, did not surrender himself to authorities but was ambushed by troops and Jayapura residents on Sunday (20/9/2015) , his wife said.
Hermelina Meokbun told Jubi on Monday (21/9/2015) that the ambush occurred on Saturday (19/09/2015) when she and her family had a gathering at a neighbor’s house.
“We had a small party at our neighbor’s house. We were eating, drinking and talking as usual. But when we wanted to go home, soldiers came breaking the door,” she said.
She further said the soldiers shouted: “Do not run, or we’ll shoot you’. “Listened to them, bapak (Adrianus Apaseray) did not run. Then, people led by Yongsu Spari Village Chief also entered to the house. They beat bapak and Pak Okto (Apaseray’s friend who also been in the house). So, the soldiers arrested bapak suddenly,” she said.
She said that the soldiers let the residents beat the two men till night without intervening.
“A lot of people were involved and the victims were bleeding because they were hit in their faces,” she said.
And tomorrow, she said, on Sunday (20/9/2015), “At around 06:00 Papua time, the soldiers took bapak to the forest to find the assembly guns, bullets and bomb. Bapak have handed those stuffs, two guns, bullets, bombs and matches. Then they took him from the forest to the village,” she said.
Then, she said his husband was taken from the village at 09:00 Papua time to Yongsu to go to Dormena Village by motorboat. From Dormena, he was brought to Doyo by car. “I think they want taking him to Sentani Police Station, but they took him directly to Cenderawasih XVII Regional Military Command. So, now bapak is still at Kodam. And I want to confirm that bapak was arrested by soldiers, not surrender.” she said.
In the same place, member of Lawyer Association/Human Right Advocate for Papua, Imanuel Arumayom, said the association regretted the arrest because it’s not proper by law. “This ambush, according to us, is wrong. Furthermore, there’s no letter of order,” said Arumayom.
According to him, regarding to this issue, the Police should handle this arrest. Becasuse, he said, Adrianus Apaseray is a civilian. “Military should be in their domain. But when Military came into domain of civil, it is a violation,” he said.
He also expressed his regret on some coverage in line with this ambush by national media reporters in Jayapura (Papua) that he thought not appropriate with the fact on the ground. “We also regret the coverage by mass media, in particular national media in Jayapura, namely Kompas and Antara that said Pak Adrianus Apaseray surrendered himself. We denied it because it’s not true. He wasn’t surrender but was ambushed,” he said. He also added he’s ready to escort Apaseray if there would be a legal process. “We want the legal process could be transparent and opened, and appropriated with the existing rule and regulation,” he said.
Family Version of Raid Chronology :Saturday, 19 September 2015, 21:00 Papua time, the soldiers from Jayapura/1701 District Military Command come to the house of Adrianus Apaseray, known as the King of Cycloop, where located in Yongsu Spari Village, Ravenrara Sub-district, Jayapura Regency. From night till dawn, Adrianus Apaseray was beaten by villagers in a neighbor’s house.
Sunday, 20 September 2015, 06:00 Papua time, the soldiers with some local residents went to the forest suspected as a place to hide assembly guns, bullets, bomb and matches. In the forest, Apaseray gave two assembly guns, bullets and assembly bomb, and a match.
At 09:00 Papua time, the soldiers with two arrested men, Adrianus Apaseray and Oktovianus were brought to Yongsu and went to Dormena by motorboat.
At 12:00 Papua time, they were brought to Doyo by car.
At 15:00 Papua time, they arrived at Kodam XVII/Cenderewasih Headquarters.
At 19:00 Papua time, Apaseray’s wife, Hermelina Meokbun and Oktovinus’ wife, Yustince Joumilena go back to Sentani. (Abeth You/Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

6) Three Ministers Visit Papua to Inspect Freeport Indonesia
Tembagapura, Jubi – Three ministers conducted a visit to inspect the operation area of PT Freeport Indonesia and also discuss the use of domestic products that in the company’s operations.
The three ministers are Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sudirman Said, Minister of Industry Saleh Husain and Minister of Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Djalil.
“We came here in order to know its latter condition as well as to conduct meetings with the directors and government officials in Papua and West Papua,” said Sudirman said in Tembagapura, Papua, on last week.
According to Sudirman, the visit was intended to evaluate the performance of PT Freeport Indonesia and also to look at the possibility of the mining company using local products made by state-owned enterprises.
“Under the direction of President Jokowi, PT Freeport can use local products in its operations. Therefore, we invited a number of BUMN in this visit, “said Sudirman.
A number of state-owned enterprises who participated in the review are Pertamina, Bukit Asam, Indonesia Cement, Pindad, and Krakatau Steel.
“We encourage all BUMN to see the opportunities to cooperate with PT. Freeport,” he said.
Three ministers visited a number of PT Freeport Indonesia mine sites located in Tembagapura like Grasberg, DMLZ underground mines, as well as the processing of seeds.
Total employees of Freeport Indonesia reached 30,004 people with a composition of 21 462 people or 72 percent of non-Papuans, 7772 people or 26 percent of Papuans, as well as 770 people or two percent of foreign workers. (*)

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