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West Papua. Two children shot, one Killed

A google translate of article in JUBI. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
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Two Civilian Police Person Shot, One Killed
Jayapura, Jubi - Security forces again showed arrogance. Two children of school age in Timika was shot for no apparent reason. Earlier, in Timika, two Armed Forces also fired several civilians.

This is justified by the Coordinator SKP Timika, Saul Wanimbo. But he could not give further details about the shooting incident that killed one child is school age.
"We just want to move it. We only get if there was a shooting last night. but how this shooting happened we do not know, "said Saul Wanimbo to Jubi, Tuesday (9/29/2015) morning.
Quoted Okezone, two young men were hit when the security officer in the complex mass action Biak, culverts, Monday (09/28/2015). The events began when officers providing security at the scene of mass action. Officers who do security actually get resistance from the residents group.

The officer finally took decisive action to fire warning shots. However, there is a warning shot which just about two people, causing one of them died at the scene.
However, the different information provided by local residents. Caleb Bagau (17) students STM Kuala Kencana and Efrando Sobarek (17) student of SMK Petra Jl.Budi Utomo Timika was shot around 19:00 WP. Before the shot, both sitting sits under the tower with his friends.

"Suddenly the police used patrol cars entered in Biak Complex. They surrounded the house and asked who were often disruptive in the complex. But because no answer, they finally parked in front of one of the houses. Apparently there is one resident who told police that the children are wanted by the police that live there. This person also said that parents of children were members of the Free Papua Movement, "said one resident who declined to be named to the Jubi, Monday night.
Soon, more citizens culverts, three cars Dalmas, five Avansa cars and about 15 motorcycles entered Biak complex. I wonder why, Caleb Bagau which saw the arrival of the police is run from where he was sitting with his friends. He was later shot by police officers.
"Efrando also shot during a run," added resident earlier.
Caleb was eventually killed and Efrando at this critical time and is still hospitalized.
Until this news was broadcast, the police either Mimika and Papua Police Police has not provided information. (Victor Mambor)
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