Monday, September 21, 2015

1) Kilman silence on West Papua noted in Vanuatu

2) Indonesia Spreading Propaganda to Justify Massive Military Deployment on PNG Border : Benny Wenda
3) Government Signals to Extend Freeport Deal

1) Kilman silence on West Papua noted in Vanuatu
Updated at 7:03 am today
The Vanuatu opposition MP Joe Natuman says the government should speak up more about West Papua.
Joe Natuman was replaced as prime minister by Sato Kilman in June this year following a motion of no-confidence against him.
Before that, Mr Natuman was instrumental in facilitating a major reunification summit for West Papuan representative groups who have since been admitted into the Melanesian Spearhead Group as the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.
However, Mr Kilman has taken a different approach on Papua and was inconspicuous on the issue when it featured at the recent Pacific Forum summit in Port Moresby.
Joe Natuman admits this approach is not reflective of Vanuatu public opinion.
"We should be more forthcoming on the issue of West Papua. At least the MSG now has decided to include West Papua as observer status. but I think our government should have voiced some concern especially in regard to human rights abuses happening in that country."
Joe Natuman.

While Vanuatu under Sato Kilman has stepped back from the issue, support within the MSG for West Papuan self-determination is largely being driven by the group's current chair, the prime minister of Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare.

2) Indonesia Spreading Propaganda to Justify Massive Military Deployment on PNG Border : Benny Wenda
Jayapura, Jubi – The Indonesian government is desperate to avoid further condemnation of this heavy military build up.
In the past few days there have been reports, mainly from the Indonesia media of Indonesian loggers being kidnapped by West Papuans living in PNG, and later being rescued.
“I want to state very clearly and categorically that neither myself nor the Free West Papua Campaign are in any way affiliated with anyone advocating kidnapping or any violence. I do not know who is responsible in any way with this alleged kidnapping but I do know that the Indonesian military is always blaming the people of West Papua so that they can justify more violence and murder of West Papuans,” the spokeperson of United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP), Benny Wenda told Jubi on Monday (21/9/2015).
He strongly suspect that the Indonesian military is once again trying to stir up more conflict along the border in an attempt to make their massive border deployment and systematic oppression of West Papuans seem acceptable and to gain more popularity for the Indonesian government.
Wenda added, only last week, West Papua’s top soccer team Persipura Jayapura (internationally renowned in the region as one of the best teams) were stopped by Indonesian officials at the PNG border, even though a friendly soccer match had been formally arranged between Persipura and the PNG national team.
“This was due to be part of Papua New Guinea’s 40th Independence Celebrations but the Indonesian government is so scared of West Papuans and PNG solidarity with the freedom struggle, they don’t even want our soccer team playing outside West Papua,” said Wenda.
Wenda said he is sure, there is further suspicion that the entire “hostage case” was manipulated and directed by the Indonesian government.
Recently, Zainal Abidin, an Indonesian “political expert” said, “People will naturally praise Joko (the Indonesian President) for helping free the two Indonesians,”
He even said, “I think it’s only fair we remain suspicious, this may have been a scenario created by the [Indonesian] government to boost its popularity,”
“Every where I go, I tell the world the truth about the horrors my people face on a daily basis and so my central message for this statement now is that there is a very real possibility that this situation was manipulated by the Indonesian government to spread their own propaganda against the Free West Papua struggle. Our peaceful movement has nothing to do with this hostage situation at all,” Wenda added.
Meanwhile, Octovianus Mote, General Secretary of ULMWP said West Papuan know the truth of what the Indonesian government is doing in West Papua. Ever since they illegally took control of the country in 1969, they have been massacring West Papua like animals and creating systematic violence and panic in an attempt to confuse the world about the real murderous situation. Over 500,000 innocent West Papuan people have died in what has become known as a secret genocide.
“The truth of West Papua is not about Indonesians being kidnapped by West Papuans. The truth of West Papua is genocide and the illegal occupation of our nation. Let the truth finally be told! West Papua must be finally be free and Independent from this illegal Indonesian occupation,” Mote Said. (Victor Mambor)
MONDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER, 2015 | 10:48 WIB
3) Government Signals to Extend Freeport Deal

TEMPO.COJakarta - Energy and Mineral Resource Minister Sudirman Said said Monday, September 21, he supports PT Freeport Indonesia’s step to continue investing in the country. The government is seeking a way so that a decision can be taken without violating regulations and without causing turmoil in society.
“What is most needed and awaited by Freeport is the decision on the investment which we have not currently decided due to the constraint of Government Regulation,” Sudirman said when visiting Freeport mine on Monday.
The regulation referred by Sudirman is Government Regulation No.77 Year 2014 that regulates the quickest time limit for contract extension is two years and no later than six months before the deal expires.  
Evidently, in the temporary study by the ministry, the time hampers investment, especially the ones with great value including Freeport’s underground mining.
This revision of the regulation is included in the Energy and Mineral Resource version of economic policy package. The changes plans to extend the deadline contract of mineral metal mines to become 10 years at the longest and two years at the quickest. Meanwhile non-metal minerals deals will be five years at the quickest and two years at the latest.
After 30 years, Freeport contract will expire in 2021. Its the second agreement since the company first operated in Indonesia in 1967.
Freeport is currently building a processing and refining facility, as set in the Constitution No.4 Year 2009 on Mineral and Coal. The company based in United States (US) has also confirmed its capability to switch cooperation plans from Work Contract to Special Construction Permit.
Sudirman said his effort is backed by President Joko Widodo. “Freeport is not an exception, Freeport must be supported in order for its operation to continue,” he said.

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