Saturday, September 12, 2015

1) One Person Shot by Unknown Gunman in Keerom

2) Jakarta to Allocate Rp. 590 Billion For Border Development

3) President Jokowi Not to Keep the Promise

4) School in Villages Need Better Management , Governor Says
5) Isolated Tribe Discovered in Jayapura Regency

1) One Person Shot by Unknown Gunman in Keerom
Jayapura, Jubi – A Koya TImur resident, Kuba (32 years old), was wounded after he was hit by a bullet and an arrow by an unknown assailant at Skopro Village, Arso Timur Sub-district, Keerom Regency, Papua on Wednesday (9/9/2015).
A source said the victim suffered injuries to the head.
“Just asked the Papua Police. The victim is currently taken to the Keerom Hospital for medical treatment,” said the source via a text message on Wednesday (9/9/2015).
The Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Police Commissionaire Patrige Renwarin confirmed Jubi about the incident. “The incident was occurred at 09:00 Papua time when the victim was cutting a tree on that scene. He got shot in the back head through the left eye. He also got bad injury on the left hand through the stomach. He is currently under the intensive treatment at Keerom Hospital. His current condition is still not updated,” Renwarin said on Wednesday (9/9/2015).
According to him, due to the lack of eyewitness, until now the police could not make a conclusion about the motive behind the shooting. The police officers are now doing the investigation. “The victim is not able to be questioned now. However, it’s too soon to rely this with politic. This is purely a case of crime. There’s no connection with the political situation, whether in Keerom or in Papua,” he said.
“If the perpetrator has been caught, we will knew who’s behind his action and what’s his motif. Do not say it’s a red zone. I don’t think it could be said like that. So it’s too early to say this area as red zone,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

2) Jakarta to Allocate Rp. 590 Billion For Border Development
Jayapura, Jubi – The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development and Transmigration ) will earmark Rp590 billion to build facilities in six border regions in Papua for the period of 2016-2019.
“There are three general directorates of the Ministry of the village that has been in unification. The first, the General Directorate of Specific Areas in particular the Director of Border allocates around Rp325 billion, ” said General Director of the Ministry of Development of Specific Areas and Rural Development and Transmigration, Suprayoga Hadi in Jayapura on Wednesday (09/09/2015).
He added, the funds will be used for road and dock constructions in border areas in Jayapura, Keerom, Pegunungan Bintang, Supiori, and Merauke .
The Director General of Village and Community Development budgets around Rp137 billion and from the region countryside will be around Rp87 billion. “So the total of budget is almost Rp. 590 billion,” he said.
According to him, hundreds of billions of funds will be used to build a variety of different facilitation in six regions. For example, in Supiori it will provide funding in the context of the boat dock. As for the border area, will built roads, water supply, PLN, which is needed by the local community.
“That’s why I said earlier, we need to conduct a survey to identify the needs of community, “he said.
Therefore, we urged each regency to propose what is needed based on the aspirations and needs of the community. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

3) President Jokowi Not to Keep the Promise


Jayapura, Jubi – The head of the Indonesian Papua Central Highland Student Association (DPW-AMPTPI), Natan Naftali Tebay, said Jokowi has yet to fulfil his promise to settle many cases of violence, shooting and restriction on democracy space.
In fact, such cases are raising, for instance the shooting incident over four students who allegedly shot by military and police personnel in Tolikara, the killing of nine students and three boys of Catholic Church respectively in Dogiyai and Timika.
“In addition, the military officials continue to get promoted. Therefore Jokowi’s words to improve the people’s welfare and build roads, bridges and houses are only a promise. In fact, the problems in Papua are not the problems of welfare and so on, but the human right and political issues. Both Jokowi’s promise and Papuan people’s aspiration could be accommodated through free dialog facilitated by the third party,” Tebay told Jubi in Jayapura on Wednesday (9/9/2015).
He further said this is not aimed to speak about the aspiration of Papuan people but a space of meeting. “If Jokowi is not yet keep his promise, AMPTPI will do a consolidation to reject his visit to Papua. It’s not important for him to come to Papua if his visit could only raise another problem. He used to find a solution for Papua, but we demand him to keep his promise,” Tebay said.
Earlier, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo in his speech when attending the celebration of Christmas in Jayapura City in December 2014 asked for no more violence in Papua Province. He said what had happened in the past shouldn’t be happened in the future, because Papua is not built with violence but through special approach to the public.
“For me, the most important is this incident shouldn’t be happened anymore, because I want to develop the Land of Papua. I also invite all parties including Military/Police, regent and major as well as governor to build Papua,” President Jokowi said in GOR Waringin Kotaraja, Jayapura City in December 2014,
At that time, he didn’t give any comment related to the violence happened in Enarotali, Paniai Regeny on 8 December 2014 that killed four students and a civilian because he thought the information was not valid at that time.
“Dialog is also important, so the central and regional government could be connected. No more violence in Papua, so I also will often come to Papua, at least three times a year,” he said at that time.
His statement is obtained serious response from the international observer from Cenderawasih University, Marianus Yaung. He said it’s dilemmatic since a civilian background president has not totally accepted by military as supreme commander.
“Altought the Military Chief made a statement in the early of January 2015 that Military is ready to support the political choice of President Jokowi to settle the problem of Papua through dialog, but the current reality has proved that the Military/Police has not yet fully accepted the national leadership by civil,” Yaung told Jubi by phone on Wednesday (09/09/2015).
According to Yaung, the replacement of former Indonesian Minister of Politic, Legal and Human Right to Luhut Pandjaitan and removal of Budi Waseso as Indonesian Police Crime and Investigation Chief were an indication that Jokowi’s intension to control the Military/Police could not be realized yet, and the violence and armed conflict could be continuously happened in Papua. “Papua is a country controlled by weapons. Those who are most powerful to determine the life and death of the people of Papua are those who have weapons. An important note to the President Jokow is he should not make a statement saying there’s no problem in Papua, so Papua-Jakarta dialog shouldn’t be needed. Human right violations are still happening up to now,” he said.
As long as weapon and bullet are still widely circulated, and the perpetrators of human right violation are still walking freely in Papua, therefore this land will keep produce the violence and bloody conflict which lead casualties. “If the President Jokowi could stop the circulation of weapons and bullets and bring the perpetrators of severe human right violation to the Court, therefore he could make a statement about there is no more problem in Papua and no more dialog is needed,” he said.
“If the president wants to win the heart and mind of Papuan people, therefore he must choose the resolution through peace dialog of Jakarta-Papua that already well prepared by Papua Peace Network (JDP). Appoint JDP as special envoy of President Jokowi in preparing the Papua dialog,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)
4) School in Villages Need Better Management , Governor Says
Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said the quality of education in villages must be on par with that in the city.
“Education in the villages need to be organized well so that it can have the same quality as in the city and graduates are ready to compete in the job market,” Enembe said in Jayapura on Wednesday (09/09/2015).
“Therefore, I call upon all parties to work together for the better change in Papua,” he said.
He said he hoped the department of education to evaluate its programs and find an appropriate model of education in order to meet the needs in each village.
“Because there are many Papuans who live behind mountains, in the valleys and hillsides that have not enjoyed the education well,” he said.
“Education and health are two important parts of the province with the demography and topography of Papua that are dispersed and isolated,” he said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)
5) Isolated Tribe Discovered in Jayapura Regency
Sentani, Jubi – An isolated and nomadic tribe was discovered in Omon village, South Gresi district, Jayapura regency, a councillor said.
A member of the Jayapura Legislative Council, Matheys Lewerisa, said he found out about the tribe while conducting a working visit some time ago.
“When they are in the village, they mingle with the community village by building huts to live in, ” he said in his office on Tuesday (08/09/2015).
“It’s a sign for the local government to visit here more often and seriously develop the region including transportation access,” he said.
Oktofianus Samon, a resident said, the tribe in South Gresi South has been around for a long time. Their lives do not settle so it is difficult to be handled directly.
“Not only does the tribe live in South Gresi, they can move and live in Yapsi, Kemtuk Gresi, even in Lerehi,” he added. (Engel Wally)

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