Tuesday, September 29, 2015

1) Reports two students shot in West Papua

2) Timika Police Shoot Dead One High School Students
1) Reports two students shot in West Papua
Updated at 3:34 pm today
A West Papuan human rights campaigner says a 17-year-old high school student was shot dead on Monday in Timika in the Indonesian province.
Australia-based Paula Makabory says another student was badly wounded when the two students were pursued by security forces.
She says the police were pursuing them because their fathers are said to be members of the rebel organisation, the Free West Papua movement, the OPM.
Ms Makabory says a major hunt involving dozens of security personnel was mounted to find the students, who were traced to a house.
"The boys got scared. They ran out. That is when one of the boys got shot by the police and the other one also got shot. The one, named Caleb Bagau, 17 years old, died in the crime scene. The other one, named Efrando, 17 years old, in critical condition."
Paula Makabory says a similar incident occurred a month ago in Timika when two West Papuans were shot dead by Indonesian soldiers.

Latest killings show need for West Papua mission - activist

She says this comes after similar killings of two West Papuan men in the same area a month ago.
Ms Makabory says a proposed Pacific Islands Forum fact finding mission to the region must go ahead, despite Indonesian opposition.
"That these things happen mean that Indonesia cannot close or isolate West Papua and kill the young people there, to kill the generations there. No, this cannot be done. I mean Australia and New Zealand should wake up to see what happened to West Papuan human rights.”

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2) Timika Police Shoot Dead One High School Students
By: Oktovianus Pogau | Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 12:00 pm | Viewed: 642 times
Timika Police Shoot Dead One High School Students

                               Timika residents protest over the shooting of high school students (Photo: Ist)
TIMIKA, SUARAPAPUA.com --- Police Officers (Police) Timika shot dead one high school students (SMA), on behalf of Caleb Bagau (17), and his colleague Efrando (17) were injured, and was shot in the chest and feet, and is now getting treatment at the General Hospital (Hospital) Mimika, Papua.
Families of the victims died, Joseph Bagau explained, the shooting against their brother took place, Monday, September 28, 2015 around 19:30 Wit, Market Culverts, byak Complex, Timika, Papua.
"My sister was in school in STM Kuala Kencana, now the third grade, was shot by police last night, and now the bodies were at the funeral home semayamkan at the Regional Office of the People's Parliament (PRD) Timika," he said.
 Chronology, said Yoseph, around 19:00 WP sister asked permission to leave the house to sit on the market culvert along with his school friends. When he was with his friends, suddenly dozens of police officers armed with weapons and cars encircled the area.
 "My sister and Efrando with his friends sitting surprised by the situation, because they fear the two with his friends to escape," the story of Joseph.
 When he escaped, the police issued consecutive shots in their direction, and then Caleb Bagau shot in the chest, and died in place, and Elfrando shot in the leg and chest, then still be able to get treatment.
 "My sister later died at the scene, Police directly under him to the hospital, but had died, now we ask for police accountability," said Joseph.
 Joseph admitted, this time the victim's family died had gathered to hold a funeral worship before the funeral was held
 "We are very saddened by the incident, a few months ago the soldiers had just shot two residents dii Timika, now our brother was shot and died again, the security forces should be held accountable," he said.
 Joseph said he did not know the cause of police came to the market culvert complete with weapons, because previously no suspicious incident.
 "We heard there are people who reported to police that the children used to make the grab, but my brother did not know anything," he stated.
 Papua police chief, Inspector General of Police Paul Waterpauw has admitted his men shot dead one wargga, but further does not explain the chronology of events.
 Oktovianus POGAU

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