Monday, September 7, 2015

1) Pato explains PNG’s position

2) Fisheries,West Papua on agenda

3) Freedom campaigner says West Papua is a regional issue

4) PIDF makes stance clear on West Papua
5) Komnas HAM to Probe Papua Church Shooting Incident
6) Manokwari Rice Production Reaches 25,000 Tons Per Year

1) Pato explains PNG’s position

The National, Monday September 7th, 2015 
 West Papua’s non-attendance at this week’s Pacific leaders’ summit in Port Moresby is because of different agreements between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, says Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato.
He said that on Friday when answering a question at the Pacific Islands News Association/Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Forum regional media workshop on Port Moresby on PNG’s stand on West Papua’s attendance.
“PNG’s position is governed by different agreements and treaties Papua New Guinea has entered into with the Republic of Indonesia,” Pato said. “We have a very strong relationship with that country.
“As I’ve said in the past, Papua New Guinea would not do anything as would jeopardise or call into question the sovereignty, and the integrity, and the jurisdictional competence of the Republic of Indonesia over the five Melanesian provinces of the Republic of Indonesia.
“If there is any issue as to attendance at the PIF in Port Moresby, I think the decision will have to be made by the leaders, and of course there are rules and regulations in the PIF framework which govern what leaders can and cannot do.
“We will follow the letter of the rules and regulations that apply to it.
“It is independent member states of the Pacific Islands Forum that are entitled to participate. Anyone who’s not a member of the Pacific Islands Forum I don’t think should be permitted to enter.”


2) Fisheries,West Papua on agenda

The National, Monday September 7th, 2015 
 Increased returns on fisheries for Pacific countries are among five issues to be discussed at the Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ meeting in Port Moresby this week.
Dame Meg Taylor, Secretary-General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, told the Pacific Islands News Association/Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Forum regional media workshop that in Port Moresby on Friday.
Other issues are climate change, alleged human rights issues in West Papua, cervical cancer and information and communications technology. 
Dame Meg said Pacific countries were reaping a mere five per cent of the value of their fisheries catch. Maximising revenue from our fisheries is of course a potential game-changer,” she said.
“The estimated value of the catch per year is around 3-4 billion US dollars, but much of this catch is processed outside our region.
“The essence of this initiative is that leaders agree to restructure the tuna industry and phase out foreign fishing vessels over 20 years.
“The other aspect to this initiative is that leaders task fisheries, economic and foreign ministers to undertake a joint comprehensive evaluation of the regional monitoring, surveillance and compliance regime.”
Dame Meg said the issue around climate change contained two aspects. 
“The first is that leaders agree on a high-level, political statement on climate change to take to COP 21 in Paris later this year,” she said.
“The second component is that leaders endorse a draft strategy on climate and disaster-resilient development in the Pacific.”
Dame Meg said a response to alleged human rights issues within West Papua would be put out for leaders to consider.
“Three submissions, representation over 30 civil society organisations across the Pacific, were put forward,” she said.
Dame Meg said the leaders would also consider cervical cancer.


3) Freedom campaigner says West Papua is a regional issue
Updated at 3:03 pm today

Pacific leaders gather this week in Papua New Guinea for their annual summit West Papuan leader and freedom campaigner Octo Mote says the support for West Papua has never been stronger.
This is despite his being thrown out of the Pacific Island Development Forum in Fiji just last week.
Mr Mote says thanks to social media West Papua's cry for freedom is now being heard across the region and Pacific leaders are finding it harder and harder to ignore.
Octo Mote left New Zealand today for the Pacific Forum summit in Port Moresby where he says they will be pushing three main issues.
"One is our membership at the PIF. Secondly we are asking UN Secretary General to appoint special envoy and conduct a human rights assessment besides the human rights assessment by the forum leaders themselves. And then the relisting of West Papua back to the decolonisation committee."


4) PIDF makes stance clear on West Papua

07:08 Today

West Papua not a member of PIDF
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Ritika Pratap
West Papua’s application to be part of the Pacific Islands Development Forum is unlikely to succeed.
West Papua which is trying to get independence from Indonesia, has been lobbying for support from regional and international bodies including the PIDF.
PIDF outgoing interim general secretary Amena Yauvoli says it is highly unlikely that West Papua will be given a separate membership in the organisation.
“West Papua is not a country, West Papua belongs to Indonesia. As far as PIDF is concerned, Indonesia is an important partner – it is a development partner of PIDF.”
Yauvoli says the development partners right now are those who have been part of the Forum from the beginning which include Indonesia, China and Thailand among other countries.
He says to become a member of the PIDF one has to go through the normal accreditation process as outlined in the Charter.
The next PIDF summit will be held in two years time.
MONDAY, 07 SEPTEMBER, 2015 | 15:06 WIB
5) Komnas HAM to Probe Papua Church Shooting Incident
TEMPO.COJakarta Monitoring team of the National Commission of Human Rights (Komnas HAM) is set to leave to Timika, Papua, tonight. The team is tasked to collect facts and data on the shooting incident that took place at St. Fransiskus Koperapoka church complex on August 28.
"The team will meet with the victims and authority," said team leader Natalius Pigai on Monday September 7. Natalius said that the team will urge authority, in this case being the police and army, to enforce law and uphold order in Papua.
He also urged them to put the suspects beyond bars, hence proceeding with the military court.
Previously, the suspects have been identified as members of the Military District Command 1710, Chief Sergeant Makher and First Sergeant Ashar.  The two shot dead two civilians, namely Imanuel Mailmaur and Yulianus Okoware, while injuring several others.
SUNDAY, 06 SEPTEMBER, 2015 | 16:20 WIB
6) Manokwari Rice Production Reaches 25,000 Tons Per Year
TEMPO.COJakarta - Head of Manokwari Agriculture, Plantation and Husbandry Office Saptoyudo said that rice production of farmers in Manokwari regency, West Papua province, reached 25,000 tons per year.
"The size of rice fields and rice production of farmers has increased every year. As of August 2015, the size of rice fields in the region reaches 2,500 hectares," Saptoyudo said in Manokwari on Sunday, September 6.
He went on to say that farmers in the regency plant rice twice a year and the average production is 4.3 ton per hectare, with the total reaching 25,000 ton per year.
"This year, farmers in Manokwari regency has received funds to improve their irrigation system from the central government in order to increase agricultural production in the region,” he added.
In addition to receiving funds to improve irrigation system, Saptoyudo added, farmers in Manokwari regency also received free fertilizers from Agriculture Ministry in order to reduce the farmers’ production costs.
Therefore, the agency hoped that farmers in Manokwari regency, most of whom are from Java island, would work hard to increase rice production by the end of this year.

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