Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1) Women Traders Sell on the Roadside as Temporary Market Revamped

2) Stop Blaming OPM : Laurenzus Kadepa
3)  33 Special Force Members Repatriated After Hostage Release
4) Indonesia, PNG to Sort Out Border Issues
5) Sarmi, Jayapura and Keerom Regencies Are Favorites among Timber Thieves
6) 25 Cubic Meters of Timbers Seized by Sarmi Police

1) Women Traders Sell on the Roadside as Temporary Market Revamped
Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan female traders returned to sell their goods at the roadside, in front of Galael supermarkets, Jayapura city as the roof of the temporary market at Jln Percetakan is now being repaired.
The Secretary of Solidarity for Papuan Traders (Solpap), Robert Jitmau, said he hoped the project can be completed soon, so that the traders can use that market again.
“We said so, because there are many constraints experienced by them such as dust, rain, as well as a bustling passing vehicle which could cause accident. On the roadside, the women traders are only allowed to sell in the late afternoon, “said Robert Jitmau via telephone to the Jubi on last week.
He said he hoped the Papua provincial government to keep its promise by establishing a permanent market for them.
Earlier, the chairman of Commission IV of Papua Legislative Council on Infrastructure, Boy Markus Dawir said, the roof is being fixed. While the construction of permanent market will be begun. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)
2) Stop Blaming OPM : Laurenzus Kadepa
Yogyakarta, Jubi – “The real Free Papua Movement (OPM) do not create havoc. They are not murderers, terrorists or criminals as stigmatized by the State all the time,” Papua Legislator Laurenzus Kadepa told Jubi on Sunday (20/9/2015) from Jayapura, Papua.
He said violence is not the goal of their struggle, but the government keeps accusing of being the actors behind all cases of violence in Papua, including kidnapping and hostage taking of two Indonesian citizens in Papua New Guinea.
“It’s a mistake and out of the fact. In fact, the State has put the situation in Papua unsecured through its own creation of fake OPM,” he said.
However, Kadepa said he didn’t accuse or appoint any parties as the government’s pet or fake OPM. But, according to him, those who kidnapped and took hostages on two Indonesian citizens are a group that wants blaming the pure and peaceful struggle of OPM and indigenous Papuans in demanding their rights.
“I am not accusing them (fake OPM) as specified group or organization, but the fact is their existence is intense, solid and systematic. They (actors behind violence in Papua) are troublemakers in Papua. Their goal is to conduct a crime, terrorism and to accuse the struggle of real OPM,” he said.
Thus, he added, the State must be serious to pay attention on violence cases that keep on going in Papua. “At this point, the State actually challenges its image in front of the world, it can consider the State has designed, trained, protected and maintained the conflict in Papua,” he said.
Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Council of Church Union in Indonesia (PGI), the Rev. Phil Karel Erari said Papua New Guinea and Indonesia must reveal the hostage takers of two Indonesian citizens few times ago. “PNG must reveal who did it, as well as Indonesia,” he told Jubi on Sunday (20/9/2015).

He further said public in Indonesia, in particular in Papua are already assuming. And the hostage over two Indonesian citizens gives an impress of being plotted. “Public are already assuming that it’s been plotted, since within this month, both countries are facing the recommendation of Pacific Islands Forum about fact finding mission on human right violation in Papua and the supports on Papua issue to be submitted to Commission 24 about decolonization in the UN list,” said Erari who was also the former Chairman of PGI. (Arnold Belau/rom)
3)  33 Special Force Members Repatriated After Hostage Release

Jayapura, Jubi – Members of a special force tasked with rescuing two Indonesians taken hostage in Papua New Guinea have returned to their bases.
Unidentified gunmen took two Indonesians hostage on 9 September 2015, prompting the Indonesian military to form a special force consisting of thirty-three best soldiers to be deployed to to release them.
The Cenderawasih XVII Military Commander Major General Hinsa Siburian said the special force was already in Papua during the incident was occurred. But, the negotiation between the hostage takers and the PNG military went well .
He said the Indonesian Military appreciated the government of Papua New Guinea for insisting that the negotiation should only involve PNG Army and hostage takers.
“We appreciate the sovereignty of Papua New Guinea. We only waited if the process of negotiation was neglected, the special force would be deployed on the scene of hostage,” the commander told to reporters in the Launch of Special Force at Regimental Headquarter of Regional Military on Saturday (19/9/2015).
It’s then explained that the special force has above average ability. “They are anti-terrorist team of Indonesian Army. They are the best team of Indonesian Army; they are ready to be deployed in any situation. They are the world class of anti terrorist, including to release the hostages,” said the commander.
Regarding to this case of hostage, and to guard the Indonesian territory at the border area of Indonesia and PNG, the Commander Siburian admitted that regional military would not improve their troop to secure the area. “Not for this moment, but it would be optimized with the existing troop,” he said. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

4) Indonesia, PNG to Sort Out Border Issues

Jakarta, Jubi – Border issues between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) will be resolved in an amicable way, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Luhut Pandjaitan said.
He said the most glaring issue is the presence of Indonesians in PNG territory which has prompted complaints from the PNG government.
Panjaitan stressed that the government of Indonesia and PNG will resolve it step by step.
As is known, in the border region between Indonesia and PNG, two Indonesians, Sudirman (28 years) and Badar (30) were taken hostage two weeks ago and was later released.
When kidnapped, they were looking for wood in Skopro, East Arso, Keerom, took a three-hour walk from Kampung Skoutio, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea, where they are currently detained by an armed group.
According to the Regional Commander XVII / Cenderawasih, Maj Gen Hinsa Siburian, the armed group operates under the leadership of someone with the initials JP. Besides hostage, the group also shot Kuba, Sudirman and Badar’s friend.
The minister confirmed these events are not related to the political problem. (*)


5) Sarmi, Jayapura and Keerom Regencies Are Favorites among Timber Thieves

Hundreds of cubic meters of illegal logs seized by the police or related authorities of the three regencies every year have become evidence of the proliferation of illegal logging in these regencies.
Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Police Commissionaire Patrige Renwarin said the police already dealt with five cases of illegal logging within this year, average 25 cubic for a case. “So, the police have arrested about 100 cubic of logs. It’s merely the cases founded in Keerom and Jayapura. While in Sarmi, the police recently arrested 25 cubic of logs several days ago, but it couldn’t be named illegal because it’s still under investigation,” Renwarin told Jubi on last weekend.
Renwarin, who served as Sarmi Police Chief for about two years said not all timbers of Sarmi forest could be taken. The timber thieves usually pursue specific woods as target. Especially for Sarmi, they mostly took the Merbau woods at the border of Sarmi and Jayapura regencies.
“Sometimes, the timbers from Jayapura area were suspected coming from Sarmi. It’s happened due to easy access of land transportation between two regencies, including the access road from the forest area to the main road has made the illegal logging perpetrators could take those illegal timbers without any problem,” he said.
He further said the similar situation was also happening in Keerom Regency, in which the access of land transportation could connect Jayapura Municipality and Jayapura Regency to accommodate the timber thieves in distributing their loots out of Keerom Regency.
“I think it’s the same. But it’s not sure whether those logs founded were came from the forest area surrounded Keerom Regency, or taken from the forest area in Jayapura Regency, because the two regencies are neighboring. It could be said that Keerom Regency still has 70 percent of forest area. The illegal logging perpetrators used to take benefit on this situation,” he said.
When he was Sarmi Police Chief, he further said, there’s only one company that has Forest Tenure (HPH) permit and several companies have Limited Production Forest (HPT) permit. “But I forget the company’s name having the HPH permit while others obtained HPT permit only or under the HPH holder company. Those companies managed the forest production partially. But I think most of them might be not operated. When I was Sarmi Police Chief, the illegal logging at that region is not too crowded. If I was not mistaken, for two years of my assignment in Sarmi, there was one case of illegal logging. But I do not up dated with the current situation. It’s different now,” he said.
Papua Representative Council has also highlighted the rise of illegal logging in Papua by forming a Special Committee on Illegal Logging to collect data related to illegal logging activities. “Special Committee on Illegal Logging of Papua Representative Council will handle the rising cases of illegal logging in Papua. It couldn’t be ignore, because despite damaging the forest, it also harms the regency and customary community,” said a member of Papua Representative Council, Emus Gwijangge, few weeks ago. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
6) 25 Cubic Meters of Timbers Seized by Sarmi Police
Jayapura, Jubi – Police in Sarmi have seized at least 25 cubic meters of ironwood because of a lack of a permit. Sources said police confiscated the timber on last week. “The timber was seized before dawn. The owner of the timber and the evidence have been secured by police in Sarmi, ” a source who declined to be named told Jubi via a short massage on Wednesday night (09/16/2015). The head of public relations at the Papua Police, Commissioner Patrige Renwarin, confirmed that the operation was conducted in dabe village, East Coast district, Sarmi, led by head of Local Criminal Police Unit, Police Brigadier Markus Epa. “Police secured 25 cubic meters of Ironwood, size 10 × 30 cm and five trucks used to transport tens of cubic wood as well as the owner with initial “F” from Nedyam village, Kelapa Satu, Sarmi. Each truck load of wood as much as 5 cubic meters of timber, ” he confirmed via text message on last week. “Now the owner and all evidences including trucks are still detained at the police station in Sarmi, for further investigation “he said. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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