Thursday, September 10, 2015

West Papua deal
West Papua deal
By Online Editor
4:36 pm GMT+12, 10/09/2015, Papua New Guinea

The Pacific Island Forum Leaders have resolved that they respect and recognise the sovereignty of Indonesia on West Papua.

But they also want to see the human rights issues of West Papua addressed by all parties, which include the Pacific leaders, Indonesia and West Papua, to protect and uphold the human rights of all residents in Papua.

In a show of solidarity Thursday, the leaders have also requested the Forum Chair Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to convey the forum’s views to Jakarta.

They also want O’Neill to consult Indonesia on a fact-finding mission to discuss the situation in West Papua.

The Prime Minister, flanked by Australia’s Tony Abbott, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, Kiribati President Anote Tong and PIF Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor addressed the Pacific and international media last night outlining the resolution thus far reached.

O’Neill said the meeting was very successful and noted many great and positive outcomes of the meetings, the discussions mainly on the five major agendas, West Papua, Climate Change, Fisheries, ICT and Cervical Cancer.

“On West Papua we note that we respect the sovereignty of Indonesia over West Papua, and we note some of the concerns that we have about the human rights concerns situations in the Papuan provinces," O’Neill said as he read the resolutions passed.

“And that is why we are calling on all parties to protect and uphold the human rights of all residents in Papua and leaders have requested the Forum Chair to convey the views of the forum to the Indonesian Government and to consult it in on the possibility of a fact finding mission to discuss the situation in West Papua for all parties concerned.

“We also declare that this is a consultation process, we need to work together and the Indonesian Government needs to be commended for the efforts that it has made so far in making sure that there is more autonomy given to the West Papuans and also to provinces like Aceh and the good work that they are doing promoting democracy in Indonesia itself giving rights to the discussions that we are having today,” he said.

O’Neill was also asked what PNG’s position on West Papua was by the media.

He acknowledged the relationship both countries share and the commitment in communication the two countries have.

“Very accommodating Government in Jakarta – communicate with Indonesia and that is precisely what we have been doing. PNG has been doing that for the last few years and we are encouraged by what we are hearing from Jakarta,” he said.


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