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1) I Know Nothing About The Hostages : Jeffry Pagawak

2) Wanted Rebel Leader Denies Role in Papua Kidnapping Case

3) Tankiu Tumas Mr. Sogavare!

4) NZ Government Ignoring Lessons of East Timor when It Comes to West Papua  

5) Stop Identifying Shooting Perpetrators in Papua as Unknown Persons, says Papua Councilor
6) 12-Trillion-Dollar Tangguh LNG Expansion Project to Go Ahead as Environment Assessment Done
7) Shooting Incident Not Hurting Indonesia –PNG Relations
8) Autopsy Not the Right Way to Uncover Paniai Case

1) I Know Nothing About The Hostages : Jeffry Pagawak

Jayapura, Jubi – The Indonesian military has accused a Papuan rebel group led by Jeffry Pagawak of taking hostage two Indonesian citizens in Papua New Guinea.
“They are members of Papua Free Movement from Papua separatist movement group under Jeffry Pagawak, “ Military Information Chief Major General Endang Sodik told reporters in Jakarta, Monday (14/09/2015).
Meanwhile, Pagawak rejected the allegations, on Tuesday (15/09/2015), saying he has moved to Port Moresby for two years and a half to consolidate the struggle of West Papua diplomacy in Pacific Islands Forum, which just ended last week.
“I do not know about the hostages. I am not a member of the West Papua Liberation Movement (TPN-OPM). I have worked in Port Moresby since the first time I’ve moved in Papua New Guinea to promote the human right violations in West Papua and do lobbying in PIF. Now we struggle through lobby and advocacy. We are now fighting in peace,” Pagawak said by phone.
He suspected the hostage-taking news which stated his name as responsible person behind the hostage of Sudirman (28 years old) and Badar (30 years old) on Wednesday last week was connecting with the West Papuans achievement in PIF last week. He admitted his participation in the civil society meeting with the PIF leaders and encourages the deployment of investigation team of Pacific countries to West Papua.
“The goal is to ruin the credibility of our struggle achieved in PIF. Those media were also telling wrong information by saying KNPB was involved in Bloody Abepura incident in 2006, for example. In fact KNPB was established in 2008,” said Pagawak.
The Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw told to reporters in Jayapura on Monday (14/09/2015) that the information on two hostages is still not clear. There’s information about two citizens were taken hostages by the rebel group under Jeffy Pagawak, but the Papua Police is not able to confirm whether they were taken hostages by certain group because there is no data and finding fact,” Waterpauw said.
Jeffry Pagawak, with other Papuan activists, has been named in the wanted list after the Bloody Abepura Tragedy that killed four police officers. Along with Hans Gebze, Arnold Omba and Henny Lani, he was accused as person in charge over the peace protest ended with chaos. Since being listed, Jeffrey Pagawak left Papua to live in Papua New Guinea. (Victor Mambor/rom)
2) Wanted Rebel Leader Denies Role in Papua Kidnapping Case
By : Robert Isidorus, Banjir Ambarita & Ezra Sihite | on 22:15 PM September 16, 2015

Jayapura/Jakarta. The rebel leader accused of kidnapping two Indonesian loggers and fleeing with them across the border to Papua New Guinea has denied any involvement in the incident, hinting he was being framed by the armed forces.
Jefry Pagawak, said to be a local commander of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) and wanted by the authorities since 2006, said on Wednesday that he had nothing to do with the group that attacked a group of loggers in Papua’s Keerom district, on the border with Papua New Guinea, on Sept. 9, killing one person and abducting two.
“I’m trying to find out who’s behind this attempt to tarnish my name by carrying out this shooting and kidnapping,” Jefry told the Jakarta Globe by phone.
“You’ll have to ask the police and the military about that, because I wasn’t there and I’m not part of that group,” he added, saying he would never carry out such an attack “because then I wouldn’t be safe.”
Police alleged that Jefry’s wing of the OPM is responsible for the attack and kidnapping, and that the rebel leader has a history of targeting civilians.
Last week’s incident occurred in Keerom’s Skopro village, a three-hour hike through thick jungle to the village of Skouwciouw in Papua New Guinea. The attackers fired on the group of loggers, killing one who was alter identified by police as simply Kuba. They then took two others hostage, identified as Badar, 30, and Sudirman, 28, and fled across the border.
The Indonesian authorities claim that the kidnappers have demanded the release of Papuan separatist prisoners in exchange for the hostages, but the Globe has been unable to confirm this.
An Indonesian consular official in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea, said the PNG military was on the trail of the kidnappers but that there had been no progress yet in securing the hostages’ freedom through negotiations or through use of force.
Officials in Jakarta have made clear that they will not give in to any demands the kidnappers have made or plan to make, and that they have full faith in the PNG military being able to secure the men’s release.
“We’ve left it entirely up to the PNG government on how to deal with this incident, because the PNG government is a friend of ours and the prime minister has given this matter special attention,” Luhut B. Panjaitan, Indonesia’s chief security minister, said on Wednesday.
As for the kidnappers, he said Jakarta “will not negotiate with them on any point. Once we start negotiating, they’re going to start dictating terms.”


3) Tankiu Tumas Mr. Sogavare!

Jayapura, Jubi – West Papua and its peope are part of the Melanesia and Pacific. Therefore it is relevant for the nation of Melanesia to speak up through the Melanesia Spearhead Group and Pacific countries, Prime Minister of Solomon Islands Manasseh Sogavare said last week.
His statement told on the sidelines of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)reconfirmed the former statement made by the special envoy of the Solomon Islands for West Papua issue, Matius Wale, after a ministerial on Wednesday evening.
“The Solomon Islands will raise the issue of West Papua in the 46th meeting of Pacific Islands Forum in the retreat of Pacific countries leaders,” Wale said to reporters on last week during PIF.
Wale, in his statement, affirmed the participation of the Solomon Islands in PIF this year has three resolutions for West Papua issue.
“Our first resolution is to support the application of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua (ULMWP) to be an observer in PIF, the second is to urge the PIF leaders to support a resolution proclaiming the UN Secretary General to do assessment on the human right condition in West Papua as well as to call the UN Decolonization Committee to resume the West Papua in their list of decolonization,” said Wale.
After the leaders meeting, Sogavare confirmed the West Papua issue is very relevant in PIF, although it’s not easy for him to ask the Pacific leaders to be aware that this is the right time to talk about West Papua. “Public opinion has been formed and many information about West Papua have been conveyed to us. This leaders forum has moral obligation in handling the issue of West Papua in a responsible manner,” Sogavare said.
He also denied the statement made by the Indonesian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdurrahman Mohamed Fachir mentioning that PIF is not a right place to talk about West Papua issue. According to him, the current PIF is to discuss about the economic development partnership, the issues of climate change, fisheries and Information, Communication and Technology in Pacific.
“West Papua is not a recent issue. It stood with us before we obtained the independence. We will fight for our brother, the nation of West Papua, to be an observer in MSG (Melanesia Spearhead Groups). We’ll do the same in PIF,” he said.
Bringing the issue of West Papua in the Pacific Islands Forum, he further said, is not something outside of PIF mandate. And the Solomon Islands recognized the Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. But the sovereignty of a State is not an excuse for doing repression and human right violation.
“Our membership in United Nations indicated our recognition to Indonesian Sovereignty over West Papua. Similar with the United Nations who recognize the rights of a nation on self-determination and human right violation,” Sogavare said.
In his point of view as leader, if UN member States commit human right violations against their own people, it is no more their domestic problem, because every UN member States have obligation to question the capacity of their membership in the UN.
However, he did not deny that his decision has affected to relation between the Solomon Islands and Indonesia. But he considers his country and people are now being tested on their commitment for West Papua. “They (Indonesia) has said their disappointment and we explained to them that we have good intention in connection with the Pacific Islands Forum and MSG. We actively consulted with Indonesia,” he said.
He also appreciates Papua New Guinea’s choice to opposite his country on the issue of West Papua. Sogavare said the Papua New Guinea should think about the interests of its people who share the borderland with Indonesia. But, Papua New Guinea absolutely has right to do so,” he said.
“Indonesia shouldn’t agree with our position and decision, but we keep consult with them and explain that our decision is right on our side. And we will keep move forward for our goal,” stated Sogavare.
In the interview with Jubi in last June at Honiara, Sogavare explained the people of Solomon Islands want Papua to be free to determine their selves. Melanesia is not free if Papua wasn’t. The people of Solomon Islands consider West Papua as their old brother that should be free for the glory of Melanesia. “It is not merely a will of a prime minister but it’s the people’s will who choose me as their leader. It’s a mandate of the people of Solomon Islands,” he said at that time.
Supports from his people made him strong against Fiji and Papua New Guinea to accept ULMWP as observer in MSG. (Victor Mambor/rom)
4) NZ Government Ignoring Lessons of East Timor when It Comes to West Papua  


Jayapura, Jubi – John Key and Murray McCully’s hands-off approach to human rights atrocities in West Papua is in stark contrast to the actions taken by previous New Zealand governments on similar abuses by Indonesia in East Timor, the Green Party said today.
While at the Pacific Islands Forum, John Key and Murray McCully have ruled out supporting a fact-finding mission in West Papua, despite evidence from groups such as Human Rights Watch that horrific abuses are happening there.
“Over the years, the New Zealand Government has supported several fact-finding missions to East Timor to investigate human rights abuses by Indonesia,” said Green Party human rights spokesperson Catherine Delahunty on this week.
“They’re an effective diplomatic tool for finding out what’s really happening on the ground, and for letting oppressive regimes know that the whole world is watching them.
“Without fact-finding missions to East Timor, we might have never known the true extent of the barbaric behaviour of Indonesian forces in the area, and the international community, including New Zealand, would not have felt compelled to get involved.
“Yet, when John Key and Murray McCully were given the opportunity at the Pacific Islands Forum to support a human rights fact-finding mission to West Papua, they refused to show any real leadership.
“John Key says that Indonesia and West Papua need to work this issue out ‘bi-laterally’.
“That’s all well and good when you’re talking about two sovereign, independent states – unfortunately, West Papua is currently occupied by Indonesia which doesn’t exactly put the two on even ground when it comes to any potential negotiations.
“West Papuans desperately need the international community, including New Zealand, to rally around them, regardless of how Indonesia may feel about it.
“Supporting a fact-finding mission is the very least we should be doing,” said Ms Delahunty. (*)

5) Stop Identifying Shooting Perpetrators in Papua as Unknown Persons, says Papua Councilor
Jayapura, Jubi – A Papua councilor urged the Police to uncover the perpetrators of the shooting and violence cases in Papua and stop calling them Unknown Persons (OTK).
A member of the Papua Representative Council’s Commission I for Politic, Government, Legal and Human Right Affairs, Emus Gwijangge, said in the recent shooting incident against a civilian named Kuba at Skoporo Villange, Arso Timur Sub-district, Keerom Regency on Wednesday (9/9/2015), the police identified the perpetrator as OTK.
He urged the Police to uncover perpetrators as well as their motive to the public.
“From time to time, in cases of shootings or violence which cost the life of civilians in Papua, the perpetrators had always been undiscovered, and mostly identified as OTK. Who were they? The Police must uncover it and reveal their motive,” Gwijangge told Jubi last week.
He it seems the people in Papua have no value. Many civilians who become the victims of shooting and violence but the perpetrators remain undiscovered.
“All stakeholders in particular Papua Provincial Government, Papua Legislative Council, Papua People’s Assembly, Military/Police, community and religious leaders and NGOs must sit together to talk about such issue in Papua, about how to make the secured Papua,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw said the joint force is still chasing the perpetrator. “The Military/Police Joint Force is still chasing the perpetrators, and did investigation on the scene.  The victim said the perpetrators were four, but it’s still unidentified yet,” said the Chief Waterpauw. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)
6) 12-Trillion-Dollar Tangguh LNG Expansion Project to Go Ahead as Environment Assessment Done

LNG Tangguh’s area – suplied

Denpasar, Jubi – The Tangguh LNG expansion project worth 12 billion dollars which is operated by British Petroleum (BP) in the Tangguh liquefied natural gas block in West Papua would go ahead after the Indonesian Minister of Environment approved the assessment of environmental impact analysis.
The approval paves the way to accelerate the production.
The environmental impact analysis (Amdal) of LNG Tangguh becomes an important condition to improve the capacity of annual production of LNG Tangguh from 7.6 million tons to 11.4 million metric tons. BP Regional President for Asia Pacific, Christina Verchere made a statement on Saturday (12/9/2015) that the Minister of Environment had approved the Amdal for the Tangguh Integrated Expansion Project on 24 July 2015 and its environmental permit was approved.
“This is an important milestone for Tangguh Expansion Project, and I want to give the highly appreciation to the Minister of Environment, West Papua Provincial Government, local governments of Teluk Bintuni and Fakfak for their efforts and cooperation for this achievement. We hope to get another permits from the government to materialize the project that projected to give significant benefit for Indonesia,” Verchere said on Saturday (12/9/2015).
LNG Tangguh, where is located in Teluk Bintuni, West Papua Province, is the third largest LNG supplier in Indonesia. It is also the first LNG Company in Indonesia to fully perform the combined upstream and downstream production in domestic. The operation of LNG Tangguh is currently consisting of two identic LNG trains (Train 1 and Train 2) with the capacity of annual production to 7.6 tons. The Tangguh Expansion Project will build a third LNG processing operation (Train 3) that will bring the total capacity of production to 11.4 tons.
“Tangguh Expansion Project will help to fulfill the energy demand in Indonesia. As part of the project expansion, BP and its partner would provide 40 % of LNG output from Train 3, that would have the capacity of annual production of 1.5 million tons to supply the State Electricity Company in Indonesia,” she explained. She also added the planning, design and procurement regarding to the project expansion are still waiting for further approval from state institution and ministry, including SKKMigas (Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Republic of Indonesia).
Tangguh Project operated by BP Berau as the contractor of SKKMigas. BP hold 37.16 % shares in that project, while other Tangguh partners hold the rest of shares; MI Berau (16,30 %), CNOOC Muturi (13,90 %), Nippon Oil Exploration (Berau) (12,23 %), KG Berau / KG Wiriagar (10,00 %), Indonesia Alam Gas Resources Muturi (7.35 %), and Talisman Wiriagar Overseas (3,06 %)
BP has more than 45 years of experience in Indonesia and one of the largest foreign investors in the country. Its activity was dominated by the exploration and business production, notably the Tangguh LNG which began operating in 2009. (Victor Mambor/rom)
7) Shooting Incident Not Hurting Indonesia –PNG Relations


Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said the shooting and the hostage-taking of two Indonesian citizens at the border with Papua New Guinea will not hurt relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
“It’s not affecting the bilateral relationship between two countries,” Enembe told reporters after meeting with legislators of the national House Representatives in Jayapura on Tuesday (15/9/2015).
Enembe said the provincial government was trying to confirm whether the two Indonesians were being held hostage by unidentified persons (OTK) or was held due to a permit problem.
“Cenderawasih XVII Military Commander has informed the provincial government about two Indonesian citizens, but no confirmation whether they were being hostages or detained because of crossing the boundary,” he said.
He further explained following this incident, the partnership between Indonesia and PNG, especially with Papua Province is not changing. It’s indicated from the information issued by PNG Consulate that appealed the Indonesian citizens to temporarily not traveling to PNG.
“For instance, the Papua Provincial delegation and Persipura team that are currently should stay in Vanimo for delaying their travel due to PNG Consulate’s guidance,” he said.
The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia for Papua New Guinea in Vanimo Sandaun Province in the press release to on Saturday (12/09/2015) stated they received information from PNG army in Vanimo, and acknowledged about two Indonesian citizens who’s taken hostages by unidentified group, and both are in good condition.
“PNG army also informed to Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo that up to now they are still attempting to release two Indonesian citizens,” Indonesian Consulate in Vanimo, Elamar Iwan Lubis, said. (Alexander Loen/rom)
8) Autopsy Not the Right Way to Uncover Paniai Case
Yogyakarta, Jubi – “An autopsy is not the right way to discover the perpetrators. I think an autopsy is deliberately being used for digging graves and moved the bodies to other locations from the public place at Karel Gobay Arena,” Papuan Councilor Laurenzus Kadepa told to Jubi on Tuesday (15/09/2015).
He said so in responding the statement by Indonesian Human Right Commissionaire Natalius Pigai that said the settlement of shooting case which killed four high school students at Enarotali and wounded dozens of civilian on 8 December 2014 was waited the autopsy result.
According to him, the evidences are already clear and complete. The bullet flakes were founded in the victims’ bodies, there are witnesses from the victims’ side, the survivors, and witnesses from the military. It’s up to the State to reveal the perpetrators of this incident
“The evidences and witnesses as well as survivors are sufficient to direct a conclusion on the perpetrator. I suspect this case of incident would never been revealed as expected by the victims’ family. I said this based on the previous experiences, such as the kidnapped and murder case of Theys, in which the perpetrators only got the light punishment and now Jokowi give him a strategic position. Also another cases in the past that have less attention from the government. For me, experience is a good teacher,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Paniai Regional Customary Chief, John Gobay, added the Indonesian Human Right Commission seems following the demand of Military/Police that already formed a joint investigation team under the Coordinating Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs.
“This team was deliberately set for concealing or even attempting to dismiss the Ad Hoc team of Indonesian Human Right Commission. The fact is the Ad Hoc team has never been invited in the meeting. They (residents – victims) also never saw their Decree. So the Indonesian Human Right Commissionaire must maintain their independence for not being affected,” said Gobay from Nabire.
Related to autopsy, he said it should be done after approval from the victims’ family. “It should be done in the process of investigation by ad hoc team that must also involved the independent party to ensure the result. The projectiles founded in the bodies of Yulianus Tobai, Andresas Dogopia, and Yahya Gobay were already taken at Paniai Hospital and transferred by Indonesian Police to the ad hoc team. So what is it for? Do not limit the case on the four death victims. For those who survive, are they not the victims of severe human right violation?” he said.
He further said, “I think without digging their graves, this case has already categorized in severe human right violation case. Until now, the survivors and the victims’ family are still disappoint and hope that the Indonesian Human Right Commission could accelerate their work,” he said.
Earlier, the Indonesian Human Right Commissionaire Natalius Pigai said the settlement of shooting case in Paniai on 8 December 2014 is still waiting the result of autopsy over the victims’ bodies. “Paniai case is part of the task of Central Government, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Indonesian Police Headquarters, Indonesian Military Headquarters and Indonesian Human Right Commissionaire. The Paniai case only relies to autopsy. This is important because we cannot accuse people randomly. The accuracy of autopsy rate is 80%,” Natalius Pigai said after meeting with Papua Police Chief on last week in Jayapura. (Arnold Belau/rom)

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